RALEIGH, N.C. — Former United Methodist pastor Jimmy Creech has released a book entitled “Adam’s Gift, A Memoir of a Pastor’s Calling to Defy the Church’s Persecution of Lesbians and Gays.”

The Denver Post reported that Creech was inspired by Adam, a young “anguished” parishioner, to pursue “greater understanding of the church’s role in homophobia.”

The book was published by Duke University Press. It is filled with the tension of struggle so prevalent within the LGBT community.

Creech lost a post in Raleigh, but gained one at a Methodist church in Omaha, Neb. Again, his position on issues surrounding discrimination toward the LGBT community had him standing trial at his church for performing a “covenant ceremony for a lesbian couple, thereby defying the Methodist Book of Discipline.” Even though he was found not guilty, after a second trial, he was “defrocked.”

Through his insights and compassion, Creech has been seen as a champion for equality.

Lainey Millen

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