Local lesbian author Frances Richter will offer personally autographed copies of her books to visitors of Pride Charlotte, slated for Uptown Charlotte on Aug. 27.

According to a release, Richter will offer autographed copies of her introductory novel, “Friend of the Firm, a Sheldon Bailey Mystery,” to the first 50 visitors at the Charlotte Business Guild booth at the festival. She’ll also offer a free, autographed copy of her second novel, “Love Valley,” to anyone who becomes a member of the Guild during Pride.

Richter says she’s excited to be a part of Pride Charlotte this year, the first time the event will be held on Uptown Charlotte’s Tryon St.

“It is a milestone for the LGBT community in Charlotte, and we are proud to be here, we are proud of our Mayor, Anthony Foxx, Charlotte’s city leaders, and the organizers of Pride that made this event possible,” Richter said in a release.

“Friend of the Firm,” Richter’s first release in the Sheldon Bailey Mystery Series, features lesbian attorney Sheldon Bailey, who appears to have everything: a great career, a devoted life-partner, and an active social life. But Sheldon reels when she unexpectedly becomes embroiled in the passionate schemes of Liv Jordan, who is charged with murder. Sheldon faces thorny consequences when Liv’s secret past unravels the clever schemes of a sociopath that threaten to destroy Sheldon’s reputation, her career, and ultimately, her life.

“Love Valley” is the second novel in the series. This historic horse-lover’s town is turned on its heels when strapping cowboy Bart Tilley is brutally murdered. When Sheldon heads into town to defend a ranch hand that has been saddled with the crime, curious sexual behaviors begin to transcend the deceptions that infest the community.

Richter lives in Charlotte, where she is currently working on her third novel, “Murder…at the Penguin!”

info: moonfestpublishing.com

Matt Comer

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