Oh, kids, I swear. This Rag is going to look like a list of Who’s Who in contests, I guess. It shall be chocked full of info. I wonder what I save for the next time? Let’s see.

I’ll start with the two most recent contests with national prelims — the EOY ones — and the Miss & Mr. Unlimited. Congrats are going out to a most gorgeous Aurora Sexton who won the Miss Entertainer of the Year. Just a knock-out she is, my gosh! Her runners-up included Trinity Taylor and the painted, bodacious Kristina Kelly. Others in finals were Sabin, Paris Campbell, Jadein Black, Savannah Stevens, Nikki Chin, ObSINity and Tatianna de la Rouge. Hats off to Vanessa DeMornay for a great year! I am bitter I missed Tasha Kohl who made an appearance. Yes, in drag! That same weekend, they had the Mr. contest. Mykul J. Valentine won (what a cutie patootie!) and his RUs were Xavier Cole and our own David Bryant from Greensboro (and an EOY promoter). EOY also introduced their king contest this year (for male impersonators) and Spacee Cadet won the first-ever! His RUs were Richard, Victor/Victoria and Joey. All hail the EOY royal court!

And, speaking of EOY, a former Miss by the name of Dee Ranged recently won the Universal Show Queen pageant in Hawaii. Aloha, mama! Their RUs are named differently, so bear with me: World Showqueen is Jaiyah West Williams, National Showqueen is Bebe J. and Island Showqueen is Lupita Amparo.

As for the Unlimited contests, I spent another weekend in Hickory, where I was treated like gold. That Glenn Moore and Jeff Reeves know how to treat a queen. I wanted for nothing, basically, and they know I will try to go back anytime I get the chance, for sure. The new Miss is our own Raven Wood and her RUs were a stunning Takiya Valentino Winters (wardrobe down) and a new dancing queen on the scene, San Antonio’s Odyssey Nicole Whitney. For the guys, Cielo Whitney won and his RUs were Rocky Graziano and Troy Michael. Troy is a new favorite of Miss Della’s, you see. You’ll be seeing and hearing that name again, my sweeties. Trust!

Imagine the surprise my neighbors felt when a big black limousine pulled up recently in the barrio and Brooke Storm-LaReese Divine yelled at me, Get in, mama! She treated Tiffany Storm and company to dinner at a nearby establishment and there I was with those two ladies, Tara Storm, Mikey Rhinehart, Brooklyn Dior and Kiana Lane pulling off into the sunset. Now, that was a great night!

Some of you may know there was filming of a movie recently here in Charlotte initially called the “Artemis Project.” As it turns out, Kristen Collins was named head make-up artist on the set and there was Jami Michaels working by her side. All right for the Hickory girls getting some exposure and movie credits! Hell-O!

On the U.S.ofA. scene, the 10 dancing toes of Luscious have taken her recently to two havens of the brown-skinned men for prelims: Puerto Rico and Texas. Kim Moore won Miss Puerto Rico and Angel Saez Amador won the Mr. A former Miss Scorpio and an honorary North Carolinian LaWanda Jackson won Miss Texas. Her RU was Adecia Iman.

I am just coming off a busy weekend here since we had the 33rd Miss NC America at Scorpio. I served as auditor/tabulator for the 3rd year in a row. Don’t ask me about the pageant — I was locked in a closet, looking at numbers! Ha! Jessica Raynes Starr won. Her RUs were Angela Lopez, Brittney O’Brien, Starla DaVinci and Valarie Rockwell. Other finalists included Jade Paris, Paris Nicole Brooks (never got to mention her as winner of Raleigh America!), Carmen Banks, Carmendy Starr Sinclair, Andrea Carlisle, Felicia Monet and Jayda Clyne.

Next go ‘round, we’ll talk more prelim winners. : :

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