During the end of July and beginning of August, qnotes collected responses to a detailed questionnaire from candidates running for Charlotte City Council. A total of 29 candidates are running for re-election or are challenging incumbents. Questionnaires were also sent to incumbent Democratic Mayor Anthony Foxx and his challenger, Republican Scott Stone.

qnotes issues our endorsement of several candidates in their Sept. 13 primary elections below. We have also listed candidates we could not endorse, but who we think are receptive to broader questions and conversations on particular issues asked in our candidate questionnaire. Please, note that these endorsements, along with indications that a candidate is “receptive,” reflects only their positions as outlined in their questionnaire responses and, occassionally, any past statements or actions on specific LGBT issues. In cases where two candidates are endorsed in the same race and district, we encourage readers and voters to explore each candidates’ positions on other important, but non-LGBT issues.

David Howard (D) (i)
Edwin B. Peacock III (R) (i)
Alexander G. Vuchnich (L)
Receptive: Claire Fallon (D), Curtis Watkins (R)

District 2
Cameron Webb Gardner (D)

District 3
LaWana Mayfield (D)
Receptive: Svend H. Deal (D)

District 4
Receptive: Larry Shannon (R)

District 5
John Autry (D)
Darrell Bonapart (D)
Receptive: Dennis Peterson (R)

qnotes’ endorsements for the general election will be published in our Oct. 15 print edition. Read each of the candidates’ full responses online at goqnotes.com/clt11/.

(D) – Democrat. (R) – Republican. (L) – Libertarian. (i) – Incumbent.
Endorsements were not made in races where incumbents face no challenger.

[Ed. Note — In the print version and original online version of this article we incorrectly identified candidate Larry Shannon as a Democrat. He is a Republican. We regret the error.]

6 replies on “Charlotte Primary Endorsements”

  1. Hi,

    Checked out your website and saw that your publication endorsed me!!
    So, I just wanted to thank you. Make sure everyone votes on September 13th.
    Thanks again.

    Cameron Gardner
    District 2 Candidate

  2. Thank you so much Q-Notes for your endorsement.

    As more of us step up and serve openly to make Charlotte a better place and build relationships we will become a truly Welcoming community.

  3. Why are you endorsing candidates who do not support trans civil rights?

    David Howard, Edwin Peacock III, Curtis Watkins, and Dennis Peterson have all indicated they do not support civil rights protections based on gender identity, yet they are listed here presumably endorsed by QNotes.

    How are these candidates “LGBT-friendly” if they seek to politically divide our community by only extending rights to some?

  4. Beggars can’t be choosers in Charlotte, Chelsea. It ain’t all roses here like it is in Ashevegas. I’m just a private citizen but from everything I’ve seen and heard a lot of these candidates opinions are based on faulty logic and legal opinions from the city attorney who is retiring in december. q-notes talked about that in the editorial in this issue, about how there was a general friendliness to candidates though they needed more education.

  5. It ain’t “all roses” in “Ashevegas” either. I don’t understand why the bar is being set this low if QNotes is concerned about trans civil rights. Perhaps I missed it, but unless you follow the link to each person’s response, there’s no way to tell that some of the people QNotes are endorsing do not support full equality. It seems misleading and willing to settle for less than equal for trans people, from my perspective.

  6. Chelsea; You are right, I’m sorry to say that we as transgenders are thrown to the back of the bus pretty much every time an issue comes up about equal rights for the LGBT. legislation like DADT does not include us. It goes like this, politicians like Barney Frank and others push for equal rights like the Employment Non Discrimination act but won’t include the T. What that tells me is that many of the LGB perceive us as men in dresses rather than transgenders a word they have not a clue of what it means.

    The press endorses a candidate that is friendly to the LGBT but that does not mean they will back a bill that is fully inclusive. I know for a fact that LaWana Mayfield will support us all the way to the T.

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