Dear Trinity,
My best friend keeps pushing me to get rid of my glasses and get contacts. He says it will help my dating life and my sex life. But, what’s wrong with glasses?
Eye Contact(s), Kansas City, MO

Dear Eye Contact(s),
If truth be told, glasses hide your face, block your eyes and get in the way of kissing. In other words, honey, bachelors with glasses must also own contacts. Yes, glasses are convenient and make you look sophisticated, but contacts let others see into your eyes, to trust your face and to feel like they’re getting a sense of you, maybe even experience love at first sight. The eyes are the key to the soul, as well as to better dating.

Hello Trinity,
After so many bad dates, when is it time to just accept that I’m single forever?
Giving Up, Daytona Beach, FL

Hello Giving Up,
When is it time? Well, when is it time for a baby to stop trying to
stand up or a new driver to stop trying to drive or an athlete to stop trying to accelerate? Sorry, pumpkin, but the answer is never! Maybe, when you’re on your deathbed, when you can’t feel the excitement of life anymore, then, and only then, can you take the night off. (Check out my cartoon to follow my road map on how to deal with this sort of road block.)

Dearest Trinity,
My boyfriend ended our two-year relationship recently. Sometimes, I’m fine and sometimes I’m all depressed. What should I do?
Dealing With It, Billings, MT

Dearest DWI,
There are four stages of dealing with a death (and a break up): shock, sadness, anger and (finally) resolution. Resolution takes the longest and has the most emotional waves of happy, sad, anger and eventual peace. Breaking up means taking a journey back through all the emotions you felt on your way toward loving someone. Eventually, sweetie, you will learn to live without their money, I mean their problems, I mean without them.

Hey Trinity,
My partner and I are thinking about opening up our relationship. Do you think it will be negative or positive for us as a couple of six years?
Opening Night Jitters, Palm Springs, CA

Hey Opening Night Jitters,
There are many positive and negative realities to an open relationship. I printed the positive ones a few columns back, so
darling, after years of thought here’s:

Trinity’s Negative Realities For Starting An Open Relationship
1. Love: If you or your partner falls in love with someone else, everything is over.
2. Diseases: If one of you ”slips” up, the other one couldl also catch the “slipper.”
3. Balance: If one partner gets too crazy while the other one hardly indulges at all, there will be a major imbalance.
4. Dissatisfaction: If someone else pleases your partner more than you, than the sex between you two may get boring or non-existent.
5. Jealousy: If you bring someone home for yourself or a third person for both of you, but he/she is more into one of you, someone may get jealous.
6. The Game: If you think finding sex or other people to have an open relationship with is easy, you may just find out that it’s a very time-consuming game.
7. The Search: If finding someone else means going out, searching the internet and so on, that means less time to work on your own relationship.
8. The Rhythm: If one of you isn’t on the same sexual schedule as the other one, you may not be able to keep both sex-lives going for long.
9. The Third One: If someone else decides they want one or both of you, you now have to deal with someone else’s stalking, obsessions or desires.
10. Lastly, Your Other Problems: If you start an open relationship, this doesn’t mean your other problems will disappear or any new problems won’t appear! : :

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity was host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama, and now performs globally.

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