Charlotteans will head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8 to elect their next city council and new members for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education.

Since August, qnotes has reached out to city council and mayoral candidates to assess their views and positions on a variety of issues important to local LGBT community members.

The questionnaire asked candidates if they would vote for employment protections inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity. It also asked if they’d be in favor of extending the same protections in the city’s Commercial Non-Discrimination Policy. Candidates were also asked their views on the extension of domestic partner benefits and several legislative agenda items.

Several candidates did return our short, four-question survey. We thank them for their openness with LGBT voters and citizens. Others, however, chose not to participate. Candidates who did not return our questionnaire were not eligible for endorsement.

We are excited to release our slate of 2011 endorsements for Charlotte City Council. We are encouraged by the very positive feedback we received from several candidates, in particular Patsy Kinsey and John Autry.

Our endorsements for Charlotte City Council appear below and include candidates we assessed as most favorable to LGBT community members. Candidates’ full questionnaire responses can be found online at qnotes’ Election Central 2011 at The web page also includes further election information for voters.


qnotes could not issue an endorsement in this race. Neither incumbent Anthony Foxx (D) nor challenger Scott Stone (R) returned their questionnaire. However, it is qnotes’ strong belief that Foxx represents the most receptive candidate of the two. Though we could not issue an endorsement this year, we encourage voters to carefully consider Foxx’s strong LGBT-friendly record when entering polling booths this November.

Charlotte City Council

Claire Fallon (D)
David Howard (D) (i)
Edwin Peacock (R) (i)
Alexander G. Vuchnich (L)

District 1
Patsy Kinsey (D) (i)

District 2
qnotes is making no endorsement in this race.

District 3
LaWana Mayfield (D)

District 4
qnotes is making no endorsement in this race.

District 5
John Autry (D)

District 6
qnotes is making no endorsement in this race.

District 7
qnotes is making no endorsement in this race.

MeckPAC Endorsements

The Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) has also released a slate of endorsed candidates. They have endorsed candidates for city council and school board.

Charlotte City Council

Mayor — Anthony Foxx

At-Large — Patrick Cannon (D) (i); Claire Fallon (D); David Howard (D) (i); Edwin Peacock (R) (i); Beth Pickering (D)

District 1 — Patsy Kinsey (D) (i)

District 2 — No endorsement

District 3 — LaWana Mayfield (D)

District 4 — No endorsement

District 5 — John Autry (D)

District 6 — No endorsement

District 7 — No endorsement

School Board

MeckPAC endorsed three candidates for non-partisan, at-large seats on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education. They are: Aaron Pomis, Darrin Rankin, Lloyd Scher and Jeff Wise.

Key —  (D) – Democrat. (R) – Republican. (L) – Libertarian. (i) – Incumbent.


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  1. Wow. Too bad you guys see “inclusion” as the most important quality in a candidate’s platform. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great addition to an already solid platform. It should not be higher priority than competency, advocacy for fiscal responsibility, and anything else that helps all citizens regardless of sexuality, race, etc. As for Ms. Mayfeild, I have met her, dealt with her and to be blunt, she is unfit for any office. The real estate/bankruptcy story (and finger pointing)offers some insight into her critical thinking skills. We will be replacing Warren Turner’s corruption with ineptitude. Hardly a point of pride for the LGBT community.

  2. Why do the MeckPac endorsements here not match the MeckPac endorsements here: “”?

  3. Dwayne… That is a good question, but we don’t have an answer for you. The information in this article was accurate as of the date of its publication. We encourage voters to reference the MeckPAC site for more information if they desire. We regret any inconvenience.

    Matt Comer, editor

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