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Endorsements: Only about inclusion?

Wow. Too bad you guys see “inclusion” as the most important quality in a candidate’s platform. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great addition to an already solid platform. It should not be higher priority than competency, advocacy for fiscal responsibility, and anything else that helps all citizens regardless of sexuality, race, etc. As for Ms. Mayfeild, I have met her, dealt with her and to be blunt, she is unfit for any office. The real estate/bankruptcy story (and finger pointing)offers some insight into her critical thinking skills. We will be replacing Warren Turner’s corruption with ineptitude. Hardly a point of pride for the LGBT community.
— Tom, Oct. 17, web

Lesbian couple showed courage

In response to ‘Lesbian couple arrested after marriage license refused,’ goqnotes.com/12885/:
These women showed courage, and I admire the way in which they conducted their campaign of civil disobedience. It is a shame the state cannot recognise the significance of a 30 year long relationship of the couple. Let’s hope it leads to a positive outcome. Perhaps one of the online petition companies could lend a hand.
— Derek Williams, Oct. 14, web

A big thank-you to Rev. Kathryn and Elizabeth for taking a stand. I have to say, though, that civil disobedience is pretty easy in Asheville if they don’t take you to jail overnight. I hope Qnotes follows up on what fine is imposed.
— beachcomberT, Oct. 15, web

Editor has ‘wormed out’

In response to editor Matt Comer’s cautionary note on direct action and the Asheville “We Do” Campaign:
Matt you’ve wormed out on this one. I think a few more years on you and you might view things in a different like. This seems incredibly cowardly to me.
— Kit9, Oct. 16, web

‘Trashy’ column

In response to columnist Leslie Robinson’s “Unreal: The Haggards on reality TV,” printed Oct. 15, goqnotes.com/12900/:
Why in the world did you waste space in the Q-Notes with this trashy article? Why would you even think we give one rat’s ass what the Haggards are doing? Do you actually think we care whether they are alive or dead? I’m just blown away by this total waste of time and energy. And putting words into someone’s mouth is a sign of a weak mind. That must be why we get this kind of garbage from the Q-Notes. This reminds me of the “great time to buy a home” article I read in the Q-Notes just before the housing collapse. It’s a shame the only “rag” queers in North Carolina have is such a (Santorum) “rag”.
— Edward Jacobs, Raleigh, Oct. 23, letter

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