RALEIGH, N.C. — In September 2011, the North Carolina General Assembly voted to put a question on the May 2012 ballot that would add an amendment to the state constitution barring same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. In response to that action, Catherine Hofmann and Nick Pironio have created an LGBT portrait project. The mission of the currently untitled project is to focus on the way love is displayed in same-sex relationships.

“Our body language is love’s greatest asset, openly proclaiming where our words fail. Love’s encompassing nature does not observe age, gender, race or religion; for all it’s differences it remains the same,” Hofmann and Pironio declared. The goal of the project is to reach a broad audience and prompt a discussion about the rights of a same-sex relationship in North Carolina. They ask, “Why must love in any form be discriminated against?”

They are looking for same-sex couples who are willing to sit for photographic portraits at their residence. It will take approximately 60 minutes per shoot. The creators will show the project before the May 2012 ballot.

Subjects, who volunteer and are selected, will be photographed while asleep in bed. Hofmann and Pironio said, “The bed is a symbol of love and partnership.The interaction of a couple sleeping in a natural state with no consciousness of the photographer or camera will give us this pure moment in striking form.” Logistics are still being worked out.

Pironio will rig a camera overhead prior to the session to be able to capture a suitable shot sometime during the early morning hours without disturbing the subjects.

To participate, email Hofmann at LGBTPhoto@gmail.com.

On a similar note, a more traditional photographic session will be conducted by Justin Cook. He is photographing long-term committed same-sex couples in their homes and interviewing them to learn about their story, struggles and joys. Interested parties should email him at cook.justin@gmail.com.

Lainey Millen

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