New results from an LGBT travel and tourism survey reveal some interesting data points for those interested in targeting the LGBT market. The top LGBT travel destinations, as you might imagine, line up with those one might already assume are popular with gay crowds. New York City came in on top. Others include Key West, Las Vegas, London, Miami, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Provincetown and San Francisco.

The survey also found that LGBT travelers are more likely to avoid travel destinations due to recent anti-LGBT violence than the presence of anti-LGBT laws.

And, perhaps, the most interesting take-away from the survey, applicable to all sorts of industries and businesses interested in attracting LGBT clientele: The survey found that 71 percent of gay men and 62 percent of lesbian women own smart phones. That’s above and beyond the average. In July, the Pew Internet & American Life project found that just 35 percent of all Americans owned such devices.