State organization opposes amendment

Same-sex marriage denial damaging to mental health

RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina Psychological Association released an opposition statement on the anti-LGBT amendment in September. Equality North Carolina lauded the position.

They assert: “There is no empirical evidence that supports the denial of marriage rights to people in same-sex relationships. … There is empirical evidence that denial of marriage rights to people in same-sex relationships is damaging to their psychological health. … There is empirical evidence that opposing denial of marriage rights initiatives has beneficial psychological effects. … From a social justice perspective, significant benefits accrue to all of us when diverse families are legally and socially sanctioned.”

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Care2 writer Steve Williams recently said, “This policy statement is a powerful response to the North Carolina GOP who have been widely criticized for claims that gay marriage will damage so-called traditional marriage in the state, and that gay marriage will hurt children. Legislators have also claimed that gay marriage would be the same as legalizing bestiality and polygamy.”

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Posted by Lainey Millen

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