The Sun sparks a change as it moves into rebellious Aqueerius. Our hopes and dreams catch fire. But, don’t sit around and wait for a hot delivery. Don your asbestos gloves and grab the glowing coals.

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) The joint is jumping and so are you. The cosmos casts you as the new shooting star in the immediate universe. Aqueerians have some great ideas and must express them at every opportunity. Some of your gems will do more than just sparkle — they will radiate. However, your idea for a nude aquatic rodeo is perhaps a bit before its time.

PISCES (02.20-03.20) Happy is the Guppie who can tap into their sixth sense. Rub a crystal ball (anyone we know?) and see what you divine during this particularly prescient and intuitive phase. If you can conjure a few new moves, you can advance your personal agenda to new celestial heights. Don’t bump your head on the ceiling of limited imagination. How high is up? You tell me.

ARIES (03.21-04.20) Friends seem to crawl out of the woodwork, attracted by your great ideas for a full range of wild and intense adventures. You become awash with invitations and trawl with a large prideful posse. How will you maximize and maintain your sudden surge in popularity? Let your actions provide the grease. Rubadub proud Ram. Don’t slide off your perch.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) Queer Bulls are entrenched careerists, but sometimes make foolishly naive political decisions that can derail or detour their professional success. Thank goodness you now gain greater strategic insights and an iron gut. You become the shark rather than the bait. Concentrate and contemplate the corporate corpus. Then make your move. Shark attack!

GEMINI (05.22-06.21) The world beckons, pink Twin. Plan the perfect getaway. Your ideas can lead to a fabulous adventure. If your budget or vacation time is tight, you might try to expand and enrich your immediate surrounding to make it more exotic and interesting. You think that staying close to home is a blessing in disguise. Heck, why not get a new disguise?

CANCER (06.22-07.23) Your mind turns to sex and more sex. Gay Crabs know exactly what they want and who they want it from. And, they sit around. And, they think about it. And, they talk about it — the assorted angles, the machinations, the wherefores, whys and hows. Enough already! Now, go out and get ’em! Or, are you all thought and no action? Let’s hope not.

LEO (07.24-08.23) Proud Lions hanker for connection. Relationships enter a new, more intense phase where the right words can be spoken and passions ignite. But, don’t waste this energy on light, flirty banter. It is time to speak from the heart and soul. Get to the core. Looking for a connection? Strike a match and see who becomes inflamed. Then bring it to a rapid boil, lover.

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) What is it about the job that suddenly seems so riveting and interesting? It is politics, not projects. Queer Virgins think that they are very clever and adroit and can adeptly maneuver through the daily morass. Will you delegate your more distasteful projects onto unsuspecting drones? Try not to. Those who pass the hot potato today eat it in the lunchroom tomorrow.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) There is a burning, churning energy inside of you. Proud Libras become creative savants or the ultimate party hearty hounds. Will you dip into your paintbox or your party favor kit? Ideas and opportunities are plentiful and your juices are flowing. So, ply whatever your trade is and make some masterpieces. Er, make ‘em do what?

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) There are several domestic scenarios that are in dire need of a change of direction or even a complete upheaval. Change is apace. Plan your new landscape from the comfort of your living room Lazy Boy. But, are you lounging alone, queer Scorp? Hire a nubile gardner to help you plant a few seeds. Do I see something sprouting?

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Gay Archers are goaded into expressing their opinion across a variety of subjects. Anything you say now is brimming with passion and who can resist? But, don’t just go out and blow around the hot air. Be sure that you have an agenda and a plan of action. You only have a short window to move the masses. Occupy anything.

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Pink Caps are usually fairly acquisitive. They love to surround themselves with objects of beauty. Now, your greedy need for stuff borders on obsession. Lock up your credit card and hold off on any major purchases, pardner. Before you know it, you are surrounded by a carnival of camp and a truckload of trash. Hmmm, on second thought. : :

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