Welcome to our new column, “20 Questions.” This is the place where we ask a member of our community a series of questions to find out more about them through their answers. The column is meant to be entertaining above all else so the questions will rarely be deep or hard-hitting, but rather will be fun, offbeat, sometimes titillating and occasionally just plain weird.

We felt it was only appropriate that our first vict… er, subject should be new qnotes editor O’Neale Atkinson. O’Neale is a 2009 graduate of the University of South Carolina (you can see Cocks of every size, shape and gender there, dontcha know!) with a masters in social work. In addition to editing this fine publication, he is the administrator of The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte.

Okay, enough Biography Channel — let’s get on with the column. Since this is the “Sex Issue” we’ll begin with a related question and pepper in a few more as we go:

Water-based or silicone? Silicone all the way in my opinion! I have a particular brand I prefer to use; it just feels cleaner.

Do you prefer to eat ice cream from a bowl or a cone? From the carton! Wait, that wasn’t an option?

Would you rather live beside the ladies of “The Facts Of Life,” “The Golden Girls” or “Desperate Housewives”? You can put me up in a Miami home beside “The Golden Girls” any day. I completely missed the boat on “Desperate Housewives” and while I have seen episodes of “The Facts Of Life” I definitely don’t have a strong connection with them.

In general, which pro sport has the hottest players or participants? I would have to say soccer players. Even if the player isn’t the most attractive, soccer kit is just hot! A very close second would be rugby players.

Is Judy Garland of any relevance to modern gays? I hate to say it, but I think she will become more and more of an obscure reference when mentioned to newer generations of gays. She was a part of Hollywood’s Golden Age and for that I think she will always be recognized, but maybe not necessarily relevant. At the very least, everyone should always know her from “The Wizard of Oz,” both young and old alike.

How many bottles of cologne do you own? When I find a scent I like I tend to stick with it. I have been wearing Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani for years and nothing else smells quite like it for me. I also keep a bottle of Man for a more subtle day-to-day scent.

Have you ever used a Fleshlight, Tenga cup or similar product for its intended purpose? I actually had my first Fleshlight experience in the past few months! Those things are incredible and way more fun when using it with someone else!

Which bug/insect species freaks you out most? Spiders, ugh! They don’t necessarily freak me out, but I would say I have a very healthy respect for them and try to keep my distance.

Your must-watch sport at the Summer Olympics? Soccer all the way! I also like to watch the tennis matches. In high school I played both sports so it’s fun for me to watch.

Are you currently any straight woman’s best gay pal? I’ve been a bad, bad gay. I am so fortunate to have a fabulous group of gal pals in Columbia and since I moved to Charlotte I have not been back as much as I want to visit them. Ladies, you know I love all of you!

Last movie you saw that had a rapper in the cast? Just this past week I came home to find my roommate watching “Setup” with 50 Cent. I didn’t sit and watch it with him so I guess that doesn’t count. The last one I really watched, and absolutely love, was “Stranger Than Fiction” with Queen Latifah.

Boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs or commando? Boxer-briefs 90 percent of the time with a few commando days thrown in here and there. I really never have understood the appeal of boxers. It just feels like wearing shorts.

What other country might you like to live in for a year? I would definitely go back to England and live there for a longer period of time. After graduate school I went to London for awhile and I fell in love with the city and the surrounding areas. In the short time I was there I met so many wonderful people and had some insane experiences!

Better gay anthem: “I’m Coming Out” or “Born This Way?” This is a tough one. Diana Ross and “I’m Coming Out” are iconic and I think always will be. Personally, I love the music, the message and the video for “Born This Way” and I think it is a gay anthem for a new generation.

Have you ever ridden a Segway? Never. I really have no interest in them. I always laugh when I see police officers rolling around on them or tour groups scooting down the sidewalk. When did walking go out of style?

Who’s more likely on the downlow: Popeye, Papa Smurf or Pepé Le Pew? Definitely Papa Smurf. I think all the Smurfs are gay. I don’t remember any “baby Smurfs” running around ever and I have my suspicions that Smurfette was really in drag.

Which deep-fried carnival foods have you tried? Fried Oreos and fried Twinkies are probably the strangest ones I have tried. Fried pickles are the best thing ever. I once saw fried butter at the S.C. State Fair, but I restrained myself.

Have you read “Twilight” and/or any of its sequels? Absolutely not! You can put me in the category of people who believe that vampires shouldn’t sparkle in the sunlight. I grew up on Anne Rice’s vampires and now I am obsessed with Charlaine Harris’s vampire series. Sookie!

Which is your favorite classic movie monster? In terms of classics, Frankenstein’s creature is such a unique twist on the traditional horror genre monster. I find it so easy to empathize with him, which is something I can’t say for most other monsters. He also seems to tie in closely with my favorite modern day horror monster: zombies!

Last but not least, which really is more important, length or girth? Call me greedy, but I like a nice mix of both! I’ve never been one to idolize length and between the two I would definitely say girth has the “bigger impact.” : :



We want you to be the subject of a future “20 Questions.” If you’re interested, send your name, city and a few sentences about yourself to editor2@goqnotes.com. You’ll be asked to supply a photo of yourself suitable for publication later in the process. If you’d like to see a particular person featured here or have questions for us to use, drop us an email.

David Stout

David Stout is the associate editor of QNotes. He can be reached at editor2@goqnotes.com.