CHARLOTTE — What started out as a Twitter conversation between roughly a dozen concerned citizens over the increase in bullying and suicides of LGBT youth has turned into an organized group looking to make a difference.

On Jan. 25, a group of concerned individuals took their conversation from the internet and met at Dilworth Billiards for their first meeting. Since this meeting, group members have been working on articulating their mission and goals for the group, identifying themselves as CLT Social Cares.

David Boling

“Our first year vision is to be a bullhorn for awareness and a source of manpower for established resources in the local area,” says David Boling, one of the initial members of the group. “We will focus on filling the needs of our community in regards to preventing suicides resulting from bullying and depression.”

The group is still using social media to communicate between meetings and now has a Facebook group as well. On Feb. 7 the group met again at The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte where representatives from both the center and Time Out Youth were present to discuss some strategies on how the group can work within existing organizations to support their work.

A major area of interest for CLT Social Cares is to work with school systems and parents of LGBT youth to educate them about the seriousness of the issue. Time Out Youth currently works to educate schools about bullying and how to create Safe Zones within schools where they can. Groups like CLT Social Cares can help existing organizations like Time Out Youth with manpower and support to help meet their goals.

The group is still in its developmental stages, but the members are motivated by their cause and will continue to meet actively in order to establish their place alongside existing organizations. The group is seeking more people who are concerned about the issues of LGBT related bullying and suicides to work with.

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O'Neale Atkinson

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