Our lust for life knows no bounds when delicious Venus nuzzles lucky Jupiter. Although we are really just babes in the woods, we charge ahead, hearts in hand, brash and bold into whatever flavor of the month tickles our tastebuds. Let’s hope that by the end of the day someone offers us a nuzzle and a nap.

PISCES (02.20-03.20) If Guppies find themselves trolling their usual neighborhood haunts in search for a bit of new adventure, you can be sure that it is there for the asking. What new mischief will you manage to concoct? Whatever it is, remember that you will have to face yourself in the mirror in the morning, as well as whoever is still haunting your thoughts. Boo!

ARIES (03.21-04.20) Your lust for loot knows no bounds. Proud Rams allow themselves to fall head over heels for the vague promise of a quick buck. Why rush into anything? It’s time to get serious; there is too much at stake for you to blow it all on a delusional moment of grandeur. Gather your advisors and slowly build your empire for the long term. Tomorrow is another day.

TAURUS (04.21-05.21) Queer Bulls are pushy and think nothing of stepping on others toes to get the attention they crave and think they deserve. Blame your out-of-character behavior on a temporary rush of neediness. You are too wonderful for words…at least, that is what you want to hear. Let your charisma ooze out in small doses. Then wait for the good news to make headlines.

GEMINI (05.22-06.21) You are swept off your feet in love, pink Twin. Part of the pleasure is within your lurid and quite, imaginative mind and part of it is inspired by a certain soulful stranger. How much will you risk? How much will you let yourself go? Keep an eye on the personal dynamics. Don’t become a doormat to your emotions, or worse, dirt under the mat. Spring cleaning looms.

CANCER (06.22-07.23) Friends get you involved in all sorts of delightful trouble. Are you able to keep up with them? But, take responsibility for your actions, gay Crab. Ultimately, this is your own stew, boiling over by your own steam and maybe making a mess. Will you be able to bring a certain relationship to a new level? That can certainly happen. But, is that level up or down?

LEO (07.25-08.23) No assignment is too big and no request is too small. You are the uber-corporate cog ready to grind away for the chance to accelerate within the machine. How hard can you work and how much output do you create before you fray your nerves and increase your stress to dangerous levels? Give yourself a break, proud Lion. A very long coffee break.

VIRGO (08.24-09.23) Do you yearn for adventure? It will be hard to rein you in as the cosmos shakes and stirs your cocktail. Mix all this wild intoxication with faraway travel and you have a recipe for delirious, delicious out-of-this-world excitement. Queer Virgos may find themselves in rather unique positions. Be sure that you don’t get a leg cramp as you climb the ladder of ecstasy.

LIBRA (09.24-10.23) Although there should be no surprises among family, Proud Libras may receive a parcel of them. You are grappling with an array of deep issues possibly having to do with inheritances or inter-personal relationships. For those embarking on new liaisons, you might find that your current living arrangements will no longer do. So do, do, do what you must do.

SCORPIO (10.24-11.22) Proud Scorps suddenly feel the need to connect with others on a more meaningful level. How meaningful is entirely up to you. Think about what you really want before you ask; you are eloquent, mesmerizing and very, very compelling. Your words attract flies like so much honey. Before you know it, things become sticky and dirty. Lucky thing.

SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.22) Are you craving something more luxurious out of life? Gay Archers are putting in the sweat equity. You have your heart set on a few expensive little trinkets and on a higher quality of life and have no problem working your butt off to get what and where you want. But, will all this bring you the personal fulfillment you seek? Who cares? Pass the champagne.

CAPRICORN (12.23-01.20) Plan to have loads of fun in new arenas and expand your social circle into a globe. Those you meet can help you over the next few months. Pink Caps make very unusual first impressions — more unusual than usual if that is possible. The strange thing is that any outrageous makeover you choose seems to work for you. Are the ’90s back? The 1890s?

AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) If your surroundings turn into a beehive of frenzied activity, it is time to head back to the hive and make your home a quiet retreat where you can rest and recharge. There is too much happening, yet nothing important seems to be getting done. Aqueerians need the downtime to re-evaluate their direction, priorities and choices … preferably with tonic or soda. : :

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