Luscious of Charlotte, Miss Gay U.S.ofA. Photo Credit: The Studio, Orlando LLC

Hey everybody — here I am working on another late submission of the Rag. Just as I promised before, we get a promo of Luscious, the only Carolinian to win Miss Gay U.S.ofA. Too bad it’s 10 months into her reign. Yes, I know I’m ruint. At least I can admit it. LOL! Luscious is attending her last prelims before her big give-up in Dallas on Memorial Day weekend. Hot times in the Big D. Literally!

Two recent prelims took place here in the Queen City. First was Miss East Coast which Atlanta’s Mya Ross Monroe won with RU Monica Lovett. Then Miss N.C. U.S.ofA. was recently held in Hickory at Club Cabaret and I, of all people, missed all nights of competition. That’s a first in a long time, but duties called. I did go up with two friends to see the formers/stars show on Saturday and damned if I didn’t see a few stars. Of course, there was the Lady of the Evening, Dy’Mond Cartier, as well as Miss S.C. U.S.ofA. Kristina DeeVine, Versage, Cierra Nicole, Brooklyn Dior and one of my all-time favorites, Kelly Raye. When I tell you revival was brought to the house, it is no lie. Kids were standing on the sides of the stage cheering her on when she would start her “cutting up.” It’s so good to see a queen really work their eyes and facial expressions. This queen is top notch, for sure. Kelly, we need a contestant for Miss NC America this year, or maybe for Continental Elite next year. You’d have hundreds behind you, including moi!

February was a wonderful month, full of Continental-ness. LOL! Miss Alyson Thomas brought me down to judge her Carolina Continental pageants, along with that crazy Leslie Lain, the Mouth of S.C. Our first night there, we had the pleasure of doing dinner with Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington, the current Miss Continental, and Daesha Richards, the reigning Miss Continental Elite (for about another month).

The next afternoon, I attended an afternoon drag show at the Wilton Bier Garden on the patio. Hosting was former Charlottean Amanda Austin of the Mythos days. Amanda has become quite the tea of “the Drive” as they called that strip there near the bars in Wilton Manors. Besides Amanda in the show, there was former Miss N.C. America Sharde Ross (who is steady preparing for a return to Miss Gay U.S.ofA. Classic), LaShawn Beyond of this season’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and Ruby Alexandria. Amanda is enjoying working with such local celebrities as Noel Leon and Misty Eyez.

That evening, many of us attended Miss and Mr. State of Florida Continental in Davie, FL. I got a chance to visit with Mr. Flint who was there doing signings of his new book “The Boy from Peoria” (chock full of Chicago history (drag and otherwise), especially former titleholders and stars of the Baton Show Lounge, his illusion club that has been open since 1969). The pictures alone are worth your time, and oh, the tales. I also got a chance to catch up with Ginger Grant, Miss State of FL Continental Elite Diva, Samantha Perez, Franchesque Richards, hair-spinner “Q,” Scott Holland, Derbis Aguilera and, yes, the ever-popular Miss Tiffany Andretta Arieagus. OMG! Talk about old school stars, baby! Anyway, too much excitement — an exquisite Fontasia L’Amour from Cali won with RU Coco Chandelier. For the guys, Kyle Ean won with RU Khalil Valentino Litter.

The next evening we had the Carolina Continental prelims for all divisions. I got to visit with Miss Continental Gabby and Miss PLUS, Chelsea Pearl, who had flown in earlier. What a joy — those girls have tortured each other as they’ve travelled and just made all kinds of good memories. Chelsea was so painted that night you’d have thought she started beating at 7 and that Gabby has the clothes of death. Such good queens and good representatives. The winners that night for Miss were Stasha Sanchez with RU Missey Miyake LePaige, for the Mr., Lewis Nicholson, for PLUS, Jasmine Skiies and Elite, another old school goddess who wrote the book, in my opinion — Dana Douglas. I stand in awe of her every time I see her, to think of what I behold before me. A pure legend, plain and simple.

That evening, I saw Florida pageantry celebs like Edward Nunez, Sasha Sommers, Miss Nikki Adams, Electra, former Miss Universe Kristina Grant, Gina DeAngelo, Erika Norell, Shanice Jackson, another “Drag Race” contestant from this season Latrice Royale and two newer girls in the pageant who were stunning, Jennifer Grant and Justice Divine. What a trip! Talk about sensory overload. My thanks to Alyson for keeping me on as head judge after all these years! : :

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