Observer wins awards

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte Observer netted 36 N.C. Press Association awards in its recent competition.

Among those who were honored was Peter St. Onge who had written a column about gay marriage, as well as others. This was in the Serious Column category with a third place position.

St. Onge is an associate editor on the Observer’s editorial board. He pens a Sunday column, along with appearing online on “O-pinion.”

The Observer and qnotes are in partnership through the Charlotte News Alliance.

Last call for Foundation deadline

CHARLOTTE — The Wesley Mancini Foundation has announced a last call for submissions for the 2012 grant season, due no later than April 2, to allow organizations that are interested to have more time to develop their proposals.

Only federally-tax exempt organizations or those with tax-qualified sponsors will be considered.

Grants are awarded to fund specific projects and are not awarded to cover general operating expenses.

The foundation changed its grant application requirements this year and will begin picking an annual theme the LGBT community has a current need to address. Only grant applications addressing the year’s theme will be considered. This year’s focus will be directed at raising the profile of the LGBT community during the Democratic National Convention to be held Sept. 3-6. Applicants must also partner with at least one non-LGBT organization to achieve the project’s aims.

Interested parties who wish to receive a grant application should contact Bob Scheer at 704-335-5404, ext. 402, or by email to

Activists call for ‘One’ support

CHARLOTTE — The Mecklenburg Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) has called upon the County Commission and the City Council to speak out against Amendment One.

The group has sent a clarion call on Feb. 29 to ask both governing bodies to pass resolutions against discrimination.

The measure will be on the ballot on May 8.

Mayor Anthony Foxx spoke against Amendment One at the recent Human Rights Campaign Gala on Feb. 25. Commission member Jennifer Roberts took a stand against it last fall.

Former qnotes editor David Moore stated in 2004 when the Commission passed a resolution in support of the then-proposed anti-LGBT constitutional amendment that it was a “shameful, embarrassing blot on the face of the Queen City” and showed “contempt and prejudice sanctioned by the government.”

Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro and Raleigh has already offered statements against Amendment One.


Outreach initiative marks successes

CHARLOTTE — Time Out Youth’s School Outreach Program has hit the ground running in 2012 with a plethora of activity to mark its continued success.

In February, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) Board Member Dr. Joyce Waddell attended a discussion group on anti-LGBT bullying in schools. Time Out Youth formed a new Education Advisory Board to help facilitate a stronger partnership with CMS. It is now working with 11 Gay/Straight Alliances (GSA) and Diversity Clubs in three school systems (CMS, Cabarrus County Schools and Union County Schools) and will be launching its first Skype group linking GSAs across the region. Lastly, it is partnering with GLSEN and Wells Fargo’s LGBT group to implement Safe Zone programs in two CMS high schools.

In other news, Time Out Youth is seeking donations to support the center. They are currently needing bus passes for to use to get to and from group sessions; gift cards to grocery stores, CVS, Target or Walmart to assist youth in financial crisis; snacks, sodas or bottled water for their lounge; and cleaning supplies and trash bags.

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Lainey Millen

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