Actor Kristian Wedolowski grew up in Uruguay. He came to Charlotte after studying at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay to fulfill his dream of appearing in 20 Questions. As everyone knows, it can sometimes take years to make a dream come true. Kudos to Kristian for using his down time wisely — becoming the Managing Director of Queen City Theatre Company and acting in a host of stage productions, including QCTC’s recent “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.”

We are pleased to confirm that fickle fate has smiled on Kristian at long last. Read on, dear reader, to share in his moment of ultimate triumph.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I’m definitely not a morning person. I go to bed usually between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Yeah, I don’t sleep much because I still wake up very early — but very tired.

What’s the funniest stage play you’ve ever seen?
I just love “Sordid Lives.” When we produced it, I hadn’t seen the movie, but it grew on me. It has so many cultural jokes that it took me literally 12 performances to fully get the humor in it. Then we had to revive it for me to understand the last couple of jokes. It’s just a big cultural shock. I didn’t know those people existed!

What is your favorite era of Madonna’s career?
Why are you asking about my crazy obsession? It used to be Blond Ambition until I saw the Girlie Show in Buenos Aires. (I still cannot get over her coming down with the blond afro riding that disco ball!) Then it was Reinvention, but I left that for Confessions and it’s become lately more Sticky and Sweet. On the 26th of March for sure I’m going with MDNA! (I just re-read this and I sound sick!)

Have you ever used a ribbed condom?
I don’t think so…but it may have a different name in Spanish! Lots of times you lose a lot of good things in translation.

Are there any pickles in your pantry?
Hell yeah! I love them — especially I like the polish ones with dill. Next question?

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Well, I used to love a movie called “The Making of a Male Model” with Jon-Erik Hexum. I think I was 12 when it was on TV in Uruguay. I wanted to be like him — he was perfection — and like in the movie, I so wanted Joan Collins to discover me! (Hmmm, maybe my crush was actually on her. Oh, I met Joan three years ago in Raleigh with Linda Evans!) [Ed. Note: The movie is posted in full on YouTube if anyone wants to check it out.]

Are you more likely to make a sandwich with mayonnaise or mustard?
Mayonnaise all the way. Mustard is fine, but for hot dogs. I’m very structured and I know which condiment to put with each meat.

Do you remember all of the multiplication tables from 1 to 12?
Yes, yes and yes! Try me.

Have you ever read a Jackie Collins novel?
I have. I’ve read “The Bitch” and “The Stud.” You can get the two of them for $17 on Amazon. They are literary masterpieces. I also own the movies starring Joan Collins…heaven!

Who’s the sexiest “Tom” of all time?
I have to say Tom Ford. I think a man is sexy when he can dress well, has style and the perfect attitude in front of a camera. If he designs his own suits, it’s a plus. I also loved “A Single Man,” which he directed.

Which is the better “work” song: “9 To 5,” “Manic Monday,” “She Works Hard For The Money,” “Working For The Weekend”?
“9 To 5.” I can relate to that one.

Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you?
Yes. Two months ago I was invited to Madonna’s “W.E.” premiere in New York. I watched the movie with Madonna sitting four rows behind me. After, I was leaving, turned and there she was coming my way with Lourdes. I didn’t know what to say, but I got to tell her how much I loved the movie and her. I ended up walking out of the theater with Madonna, Lola, my friend and two big bodyguards. Truly a breathtaking moment. Of course, she entered her limo and I walked in the rain to my hotel.

Are you good at any style of ballroom dancing?
Not at all, but I can dance Tango, Salsa and Merengue. Oddly enough, I learned how to dance these in Japan.

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “Mommie Dearest,” “Showgirls,” “Valley Of The Dolls,” “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?”
It’s a tie. Call it a sin, but I haven’t seen any of them. Can you lend them to me or maybe some reader can send me the DVDs care of qnotes or Queen City Theatre Company? Just in case, I also want to see “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” on Blu-ray.

Biscuits, yeast rolls or cornbread?
So many carbs! I like cornbread. My favorite is the skillet one they have at Halcyon, Flavors from the Earth restaurant in the Mint Museum. Not so high-end, but also good is the cornbread at Boston Market. No yeast.

Which stage or film role would you most like to play?
Have you seen the recent film “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” with Ben Barnes? I would love to play Dorian Gray, but on stage. I think it is extremely sexy and a topic we all deal with: the fear of growing older. Recently a fantastic local artist made a huge painting of me as The Arbiter in “Chess.” I like to think the painting will grow old from now on instead of me! I also think I would have loved to play WALL-E in the Pixar movie. Why can only a talking cat have an accent…and cool boots?!?

Can you ride a unicycle?
In my mind I can ride it perfectly! Why not?

Have you ever been elected to any position?
What position? Such an intimate question! Ah, I know what you mean, and no, I haven’t.

Which is greater, your shoe size or the number of times you’ve been in drag?
My shoe size. I make an ugly woman.

Which pro athlete is the epitome of male physical perfection?
Probably David Beckham. I like his style, his presence and the new H&M commercials. Not to mention he has Posh Spice. : :

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