Oh, my gosh — let’s see what I can mess up this time! I must have been tapping away while I was falling asleep that last time — all this talk about going to the formers show in Hickory for Miss NC U.S.of A., and didn’t even mention the results! Saywhat? Seems like I missed something else, too — I’ll figure it out shortly.

Anyway, a huge congrats goes out to Jamie Monroe who won Miss NC U.S.ofA. Her 1st runner-up was London Dior. That’s some good representation for NC, for sure. London did well last year and Jamie has been in the Top 5 before, so maybe we can get another Carolina girl in the Top 12 again! I know it will be a homecoming for Jamie since her days as Miss Georgia — she’ll see a lot of familiar faces from her days of competing a few years ago.

Other qualifiers to apply for Luscious’ job will be Miss GA Kennedy Davenport and RU Vanessa DeMornay; Miss Iowa Lady Adawins and RU Chanel Cavalier; Miss IL Mahajaney DeMornay; and Miss Ohio Leah Halsten with RU Alana Reign.

Kirby Kolby of Raleigh, the reigning Miss Gay America
Photo Credit: J. D. Martin

Our promo this time is of Kirby Kolby, our Miss America from Raleigh, NC. At least I have not let y’all down with the pics I’ve promised! Kirby has already reigned royally over her first two prelims — Miss Mid-America which Sally Sparkles won and RU was Blair Williams and Miss Gay DC, which was Kirby’s prelim last year. Chantel Rashae won and her RU was Roxy Brooks. Speaking of Misses America, I had to do a double-take the other day as I walked by a book and gift store in downtown and spied a book by former MGA Brandi Alexander’s creator, Randy Fenoli. He is an F.I.T. graduate and is a gown designer and TV personality who has done a book called “It’s All About the Gown” and helps ladies choose gowns appropriate to their skin tone, size, taste and age. And, of course, he’s always decked out — such a dresser he is (and always has been)!

On the Continental scene, the new Miss VA is Jasmine International and Miss VA Elite is The Legendary Misty Knight. Miss Chicago is Anastasia Deveroux and the PLUS titleholder is Milani Ninjah. Y’all know tickets to Miss Continental go on sale in early July — only four months away! Don’t be clowning, asking somebody when they go on sale after the house is sold out again, ok?

On the local scene, I’m still working on that column I promised about the Don’t H8 contests. They’ll be crowning the next ones before I get it done, I guess. They sure are some good kids — Chip and several entertainers recently did a fundraiser for my oldest sponsored son’s schooling. You remember, the one we built the house for? Yes, Gerardo. Anyway, the show was at the Connection in Gastonia and featured Chip, his partner Felicity Ferraro, Country Cassanova, Andrea Carlisle, Tommy D. and Aurora Carlisle. I know I’ve missed somebody here, too. Like I always say — drop me an email and read the ole bitch! I’ll make it right eventually.

We’ll talk about prelims to Miss NC America the next time and heaven only knows what else — something I didn’t make notes on, I’m sure! : :

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