Greetings, kiddies. Here I am, burning the midnight oil again, trying to get another Rag “in the e-mail” before I get fired from a volunteer job. Ha! Worse things have happened, so…

Dana Douglas of Gainesville, FL,
the newest Miss Continental Elite
Photo Credit: The Studio Orlando LLC

Our pic this time is of the legendary Dana Douglas who just won Miss Continental Elite over Easter weekend in Chicago. You may remember she is a former Miss Continental, and won the Carolinas prelim I judged in Miami a while back. What a sweet queen! Oh, my gosh. She told me she had worked here in Charlotte at Scorpio back in the day and would love to come back through. What an honor that would be! At the national contest, Diva and Miss Sherry Payne tied for Interview, Dana won Gown and Anjila Cavalier won Talent. These ladies made finals along with Ashley Kruiz, Misty Knight, Vicki Valentino and Celeste Holmes. Celeste ended up getting 2nd runner-up, Misty Knight was 1st and we know Miss Dana won.

The night before was final night for Miss PLUS. Kofi won Prelim Interview, Christian Valentino won Swimsuit, Alexis Zadora won Gown and Dramatica won Talent. Other than these impersonators, others making finals included: Kara Belle, Janelle, Ivy White, Ginger Minj, Summer Breeze, Terri D’Moore, Kristina Kelly and Tanisha Cassadine. Second runner-up went to Ginger Minj, 1st was Alexis Zadora and the winner was Tanisha Cassadine of Atlanta, a former Miss Scorpio and Miss Unlimited.

Elsewhere, we have a potpourri of pageant tea — like Miss Maryland America, which Alondra Sancheez won with RU Stephanie Michaels and Miss West Virginia Continental, which foxy Roxxxy Andrews won (yes, another former Miss PLUS going after the skinny bitches!) and RU Aubree Ryan. Savannah Leigh just won Tennessee Continental with RU Regine Phillips, the comeback kid. Tanisha just had her first prelim tonight as I write this as the newest Miss Continental PLUS and Kara Belle dove right in and got the first spot to go back with RU Envy Van Michaels.

On the EOY scene, I have the distinct pleasure to announce that the Swiss Miss Mokha Montrese (Charlie Brown’s moniker for her) just won the Niagara Falls Regional title and I smell a possible victory from miles away. Now that would be a national contest for your viewing pleasure, in my opinion. Jessica Dimon is the newest Miss Derby City. Next go ‘round, I promise I will catch up on the local winners of prelims to Miss NC EOY, which is quickly approaching as well.

In the last Rag, I forgot to mention the winner of the Georgia U.S.ofA. prelims — a triple header in one night! Macy Alexander and Kiana Lane ran down to visit some girls and Miss Macy came back with an empty LaFemme case — ole girl sold some make-up! Anyway, Kennedy Davenport won Miss GA and her RU was Vanessa DeMornay, the former Miss EOY. Miss GA Newcomer was Aria B. Cassadine with RU Jaeda P. Starr and for the large and lovelies, we have Miss Anjelica “Piggy” Sanchez being crowned Miss GA At-Large. RU went to Dorae Sierra Saunders, who won Interview and Evening Gown.

I recently got to vist with Dorae when she did the Easter show at Scorpio along with Brooke Storm Divine and our Miss Scorpio Eden Parque Divine. Dorae is ready for them at the national contest in FL in the fall. And, may I add, Miss Eden was, of course, painted out of her mind and DJ Bonet had stoned two pair of fierce pumps for ole girl. Damn, they were hateful nasty, I’m trying to tell ya.

I missed the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant (and winner, from what I’m told) Sharon Needles on her recent trip here to the Queen City, but I understand she’s already been booked again for Halloween and will leave a much richer queen for it. It sure would be good to see Chad Michaels as well, who probably ends up her alternate, right?

I have to close with a broken heart and report the passing of a NC diva, Miss Arabia Knight-Addams. Arabia was a former Miss NC U.S.ofA., a former Miss Unlimited and a former National Icon, just to name the bigger ones. She was one of the few girls we have around these parts who was nationally competitive. (I said few, not the only one, okay?). Arabia and I had been buddies forever and I had actually mentioned to her that she should do a guest column for me sometime as I was thinking of passing on the baton. Remember when I mentioned the texts she would send? I still have them all, saved in my phone so I can go back and read her wisdom and the depth of her faith. She was a believer and I had just sent her a text to encourage her in her fight. I never got a response, but I have to believe she read it and smiled. She will be sorely missed, especially by the families she leaves behind — biological (she had a son), gay family (too many to mention), and her pageant folks (NC U.S.ofA. Icon, and Unlimited). I was just with her last August as she relinquished her Unlimited title. Another fallen star, but another risen angel, too. : :

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  1. I loved your tribute to Arabia. For those of us who knew her personally she was so much more than what she gave on the stage. She will be forever be missed. There will never be another like her.

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