Today, Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) announced a call to action for Mecklenburg County residents.

City Council will be voting on the 2012 budget on Monday, June 11 and MeckPAC is encouraging community members to write their City Council member and the At-Large members to tell them that they need to vote to include Domestic Partner Benefits in the 2013 budget.

At a recent citizens forum in Charlotte, MeckPAC joined several LGBT city employees as they spoke out on their own behalf to urge City Council members to vote to keep domestic partner benefits in the 2013 budget.  They talked about their partners and families and how having access to these benefits would directly impact and improve their lives. City Manager Curt Walton wrote to them to thank them for attending and for speaking out.  Now MeckPAC wants to ensure City Council members also get the message.

You can find your City Council representative and their contact information below. This information was compiled by MeckPAC.

To find your City Council member click here:

Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Cannon:, 704-336-7400

At-Large Member Claire Fallon: 704-336-6105

At-Large Member David Howard: , 704-336-4099

At-Large Member Beth Pickering: 704-336-5285

District 1 Patsy Kinsey: 704-336-3432 or 704-376-5367

District 2 James Mitchell: 704-336-3424

District 3 LaWana Mayfield: 704-336-3435 (office) or704-352-7305 (cell)

District 4 Michael Barnes: 704-509-6141

District 5 John Autry: 704-336-2777

District 6 Andy Dulin: 704-968-8776

District 7 Warren Cooksey: 704-347-0420



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  1. Is Charlotte even legally capable of extending Domestic Partnership benefits? I thought the entire point of Amendment 1 was to force all local governments to no longer recognize anything besides marriage.

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