CHARLOTTE — The American Public Health Association said it was unhappy with the outcome of the May 8 constitutional amendment vote banning gay marriage.

“Public health is fundamentally about human rights,” said Georges Benjamin, M,D., FACP, FACEP, executive director of the association, which held its midyear meeting during the last week of June in the Queen City. “Our work to assure the health of all people is founded on principles of equality and justice. A ban denying citizens equal rights runs counter to our principles.”

Various people across the country were concerned about coming to North Carolina after the vote.

“The LGBT Caucus of the American Public Health Association requested that we still come, hold our meeting here and show our solidarity with them,” said Benjamin. “We decided to come and register our deep dismay.”

“We commend the people of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County and those in other parts of the state who chose not to support this ban,” said Benjamin.

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Lainey Millen

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