Boys and girls! Happy Pride and national conventions and all that other jazz. What a busy summer, but it’s just about over and Miss Della is so pleased to see drag-friendly weather just around the corner. Let me start shaving now. LOL

I wanted to mention a little slip-up I made the last time when I mentioned details of the NC All-American Goddess prelim(s) taking place here. As it turns out, promoter Brooke is going to have the At Large contest on the same night, so we will get to see the national titleholder, Whitney Paige, along with Miss NC from last December Alexis Nicole Whitney and Brooke’s emeritus (and mentor) Tiffany Diahann Carroll Lovejoy Storm. Of course, along with the large and lovelies, we’ll have on hand one Texas diva by the name of Asia O’Hara who won Miss NC, and went on to win the national title a few months ago in Dayton, OH. Can’t wait!

Miss Continental is upon us and it’s exciting to know that Barbara Herr, a former Top 12 finalist and a former Miss Elite will compete as Miss New York and the 10 dancing toes of Victoria Lace will compete as Miss New Jersey! This is one year when the girls will not be able to save anything for final night — bring your “A game” for prelims, ladies. Bloodbath City is my prediction!

Miss Unlimited At Large Danielle Revlon and Mr. Unlimited At Large Taylor Knight-Addams.
Photo Credit: S.J Photography

Our photo this time is of NC’s Taylor Knight-Addams, the new Mr. Unlimited At Large, with his queen, Danielle Revlon. Speaking of the Unlimited system, they just held Mr. and Miss in Dayton, OH, and a big congrats is going out to My’kel Knight-Addams and Alexis Nicole Whitney! More tea on this the next time, but I am so happy for them both — what good folks!

Most of you know the national Entertainer of the Year contest just took place in Louisville. My sweetheart (and one of my favorite queens and entertainers) Mokha Montrese won. Yipppeeeeee! I am so happy, as you can imagine. Look for her new promo here next go ‘round, I assure you. Her runners-up were Raquel Lord, Shae Shae LaReese, Kristina Kelly and Margaux Powell. They only name the Top 3, but the other finalists included (in order) Joanna James, Paris Campbell, Vanity Love, Ashley Kruiz and Lady Rose Amore. I’m going to get that diva Mokha a tour lined up through here if it’s the last thing I do! Trust!

I am still recovering from the drag-a-thon that was Miss NC America that just took place here in Charlotte at Scorpio. Oh, and a fun time was had by almost all. Before I forget, I do want to take the time to thank the “senior” Misses for always showing up and taking part— this is what it’s all about, in my opinion. Brandy Alexander, Melissa Montgomery, Darlene Duncan (celebrating her 25th anniversary) and Jamie Monroe were all fabulous in their own rights. They put on a fabulous show on Saturday (minus Melissa) and Sunday (final night) and I am here to tell you — they really showed us what “old school” is all about. There’s Jamie, still winning pageants, and Melissa looking like a damned goddess on her 30th anniversary and being congratulated onstage by Marsha McLawhorn of Pageant Enterprises, the original owner of Miss NC FFI, as it was known then. Some should be so lucky to look that good and have that line even 10 years after they win. I told y’all to take notes! We were also graced by former Misses Gay America Lauren Colby, Tiffany Bonet, Kerri Nichols (also a former Miss NC), Nicole DuBois and Catia Lee Love, Luscious (a former Miss NC), Coti Collins (yes, another Miss NC celebrating her 5th anniversary) and a very special guest, our Miss America, Kirby Kolby, the frequent flier extraordinaire! Of course, Kirby is also a former Miss NC. Joining these special ladies were other former Misses NC Tyler Kole, Felicia Powers, Blair Williams (celebrating her 20th anniversary), Davida, Detra Penucci and Emory Starr. Tiffany Storm (celebrating her 15th anniversary) was in the house, albeit incognito, running “stuff” and Jennifer St. James/W.P. was offering backstage assistance and such. Ha! It was a house full and a lengthy show, but this is what the fans come for. Just as I predicted, I saw old school kids in town for the festivities and it warms my heart that we have this great thing that unites us at least once a year (unless we bump into someone at prelims). Surely, you didn’t think I would forget to mention the lady of the weekend, Jessica Raynes Starr, now our most recent former Miss NC. This statuesque beauty offered illusions, wardrobe and that modern-day-Michael-Andrews mug for a few nights in a row. Here’s wishing Jessica best wishes in whatever path she follows now that her reign is over!

Awards for the night included the Miss NC America Living Legend Award to Boom Boom LaTour presented by Brandy Alexander (looking good for 66, mama!); Lauren Colby and Tiffany Storm were inducted into the Miss NC America Hall of Fame; Kerri Nichols Lifetime Achievement Award went to Glenn Haddock of Greenville; the Best City Prelim went to both Greenville and Miss Capital City; the Best Promoter went to Bruce Bowyer of Piedmont; and Hospitality Awards went to Brooke Divine of Central Carolina and Mike Travis of Miss Raleigh. Best set design went to Macy Alexander and Jason of Divas America and the largest pageant went to Chip Matthews who had Miss Diamond. The Erica Van Cort Congeniality Award went to Nirobi.

Oh! The winner! Ariel Knight-Addams of Fayetteville made Von Entertainment history as the only queen to come in and win on her first try. I had the pleasure of judging Ariel years ago when she won what was then Miss Club Odyssey and she was a stunner (nice British term there for yas) even then. I am so happy to have a queen whom I know is ready for Miss Gay America tomorrow and there are already whispers as to how well she will do while there. We need a Top 10 finalist again, sis, ok? No pressure whatsoever. Anyway, her runners-up were Angela Lopez, Brittney O’Bryan, Valarie Rockwell and Aiesha Paris (who won Overall Solo Talent). Next in line was a gorgeous newcomer, Vivian Vaughn, who won Overall Interview. Hey, she could do a Ginger Grant talent from Gilligan’s Island and turn the party! I just thought of that! Other finalists included Jade Parris, Paris Nicole Brooks, Ivory Jade Addams and Felicia Monet. Although Nellie Bottoms presented the Tracy Morgan Best Talent outside of the finals, the best non-finalist went to my newest little sis, Shelita Hoyle Buffet. Talk about talent and a lovely mug — that girl is going places! Did I mention opening the show was our new Miss NC U.S.ofA. at Large, Malaysia K. Black? I could never forget her!

Other impersonators earning spots to compete at Miss America are Miss Kansas Kyla Breeze and RU Godiva Romance; Miss Arizona Diva with RU Olivia Gardens; Miss Louisiana Dextaci; and Miss Arkansas Cloe Jacobs. In the last Rag, I spelled Miss Ohio’s last name wrong, so here I am to make it right: Selena Terrace-West! : :

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