New site to bolster ENC’s work

RALEIGH, N.C. — On Aug. 21, Equality NC (ENC) and Equality NC Foundation launched two revamped, distinctive websites to better serve the informational and interactive needs of North Carolina’s LGBT community and allies. The retooled online presences mark the first major website redesign for ENC and the organization’s foundation educational arm.

The new sites feature access to an array of fully-shareable LGBT news (“The Latest”), multimedia projects (“Know + Love”), easy access to a Twitter feed of the latest LGBT commentary, resources and information, as well as a robust set of online tools to organize and mobilize grassroots education and activism (“Take Action”).

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a surge in online activity surrounding the Amendment One campaign, and now Equality NC has a website that really allows us to amplify the voices of North Carolina’s newly-energized LGBT community and allies,” said ENC’s Communications Director Jen Jones. “This new website is not only an online companion to our education and advocacy work on the ground, it compliments the new and exciting work we’re doing in multimedia, interactive media and social media.”

With growth of over 50,000 online supporters, the new website launch corresponds with its increasing online membership base. ENC has also become the second-most popular state equality site on Facebook, quadrupled its Twitter followers, amassed thousands of online video and image views and shares on YouTube and Flickr and added new presences on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Executive Director Stuart Campbell said, “The launch of these websites is an exciting development for North Carolina, as it will provide every fair-minded individual or group, working towards LGBT equality, to have the tools to strengthen our various networks and the ability to benefit from each other’s work. Our coalition partnerships are our most important asset moving forward after Amendment One, and these new online channels allows us to communicate, educate and mobilize those communities and allies — like never before.”

In other news, the organization is searching for undergraduate student ambassadors to work on grassroots initiatives across the state, as well as developing future, “fair-minded leaders.” For a full list of requirements, visit ENC’s website to obtain details.

For more information, visit and

Center seeks volunteers

RALEIGH, N.C. — The LGBT Center of Raleigh, 411 Hillsborough St., is currently on the hunt for volunteers to work on a variety of committees and events.

There are a number of spots available for Raleigh Is Coming Out. Some include helping with decorations, marketing and design. Email to learn more.

Want to help shape the center’s future? Then sign up for the marketing committee. It will be charged with the task of looking holistically at operations and outreach, Executive Director James Miller said. Contact him at to jump in. Anyone with experience or connections is encouraged to join in.

If funding is more your style, then be one of three people to round out the development committee. They work with marketing and programs to help find funding for the center. Email Tom McEvoy at to learn more.

Sometime in the future, the center will undergo changes that may necessitate the need to find another location. Be part of the people who help shape this strategy over the next three to five years. Les Geller heads this up. Email him at

The front desk and the library are always places where volunteers are welcome. Those who staff these areas are at the hub of the buzz. Sign up by visiting

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