Dearest Trinity,
I’m a drag queen who competes in pageants and shows. But the other performers are not very nice to me. Am I doing something wrong?
Curious DQ, Dallas, TX

Dearest Curious DQ,
As we leave our youth and enter adult life we find many wonderful and not so wonderful things. Some not so wonderful things are competition, envy and jealousy. They exist in all people to a healthy degree, but in others they are part of what makes bad queens, evil. This is life, especially in the entertainment industry, as well as the cockfighting industry. So, darling, be strong and accept these challenges as you climb the ladder of success. Also remember, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Hey Trinity,
I’m a big fan of yours. I bought all three of your CDs on and I’ve seen you in concert. How do I keep up with your career? I’ve also heard you’re still single. Do you like being single?
Fan, Boston, MA

Hey Fan,
Now that I started a non-profit group for gay awareness and acceptance called WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings, I am a busy girl. To keep up with me log on to And, as for being single, I love it. Pumpkin, it’s more fun than having some man tell me what to do, when to do it or why am I doing it! Truth be told, living well is the best revenge! (My cartoon shows you all the advantages.)

Hello Trinity,
My new boyfriend invited me to go with him on a business trip to Alaska. When my matching faux fur earmuffs, mittens, boots and coat were discovered, he asked me, in the sweetest way to “butch up” my wardrobe. Any advice?
Wardrobe Woes, St. Louis, MO

Hello Wardrobe Woes,
Love means compromise, not accessorize. Matching faux furs works great at Disney World’s Gay Days, but for everywhere else a nice leather or tweed, long or short jacket, over anything smart, will entice him into inviting you on more trips. Also, sweetie, take him with you shopping so he can put you in things he likes. Remember, he has to look at you a lot more than you look at yourself.

Dear Trinity,
I recently retired. I’ve worked my whole life and waited for this day for a long time. But, now I’m very bored. Help?
Retired, Portland, OR

Dear Retired,
Not to worry, my dear, sweet bored, I mean retiree, here’s,

Trinity’s Rebel Rousing Tidbits For Passing The Time When Retired
1. Volunteer for a religious group, soup kitchen, retirement home or a political campaign.
2. Travel a bit, visit friends and/or family, go to museums, see some concerts or cultural events and enjoy this time off.
3. Take classes in American history, art history, world history or the history of how you keep getting laid off.
4. Pack some bags and move to a new location. Let this transition offer you a completely different and challenging adventure.
5. Besides fixing all those things you’ve been waiting to fix, clean out your basement, closet or garage and have a yard sale or work the flea markets.
6. Start a hobby like painting, drawing, sculpting or making abstract art from the junk you discovered while cleaning out your house.
7. Try putting down the antidepressants, get on the internet or go out and look for a full time J.O.B.! Think about life beyond unemployment checks!
8. Join a gym and start exercising. Take a yoga class, an aerobics class or join an athletic group, i.e. hiking, baseball or job hunting.
9. But, don’t start exercising your addictions for drinking, smoking, sex, drugs, shopping or becoming a couch potato!
10. Become an advice columnist, writer, comedian, actor, singer, and recording artist or spend your time and money in psychotherapy. I always do!

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking” a weekly radio drama performed globally and is now minister of WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings.

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