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Community organizations who were invited and opted to participate in our 2012 Community Assessment Survey were given the opportunity to provide their wish lists. Non-profit groups often compile these lists of desired donations, which can usually be given as in-kind gifts instead of being purchased with organization funds. The following lists were provided to qnotes. We’re reprinting them as submitted and hope our readers can assist these community groups in finding the items they need to better perform their work.

LGBT Center of Raleigh

Books for the library.
Water cooler.
A larger space for programming.

LGBT Center of Charlotte

We would wish to have more “stakeholders” in the LGBT Community Center, such as continuous givers and individual donors.

Campus Pride

Increased monthly donors at the $25, $50, $100 and higher levels.
Volunteers to help plan and implement local, statewide and national events.
Further support and awareness of our local Charlotte efforts.

Charlotte Pride Band

Other than one-time gifts, we seek additional corporate season sponsorships and volunteers who are skilled in things such as media, fundraising and marketing. We also encourage and seek additional attendance at our concerts so the public can see what Charlotte Pride Band is all about. We want anyone of any ability level who is interested in playing with us to come to rehearsal. We welcome suggestions for ways our ensembles can be involved in community events!

Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte

Long-term (three years) committed support for our partnership with Time Out Youth to place an outreach worker directly in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
(total of $10,000 per year)
Storage space (music, props, risers, electronic equipment, etc.).
Office space.
Music stands.
Eight handheld wireless microphones.

Time Out Youth

LGBTQ Books/DVDs (appropriate for youth).
Snacks and drinks for group room.
Games for youth room.
Art supplies.
Cleaning supplies (toliet paper, hand soap, paper towels, trash bags).
Personal items for emergency housing clients.
Gift cards to Target, Wal-Mart or grocery stores (for emergency housing clients).
Bus Passes.


Products for client supply closet: laundry detergent, dish soap, multipurpose cleaner, toilet paper, paper towels, deoderant for men and women, shampoo and conditioner, feminine products, dental floss and mouth wash, razors and shaving cream.
Gift cards of $10, $15 or $25 to a grocery store, Walmart or Target.
Office and other needs including newer computers and printers. Food for support group meetings. Food and beverage for events. : :

— compiled by qnotes staff