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In a typical day LeMond Hart wears several different hats…and sometimes several different shirts, pants and shoes, too. You see, in addition to being a student, a partner in a long-term relationship, a father figure and a veteran, he’s also a model. And, he just turned 40 on Nov. 22.

LeMond graduated from Charlotte’s Independence High School in 1991. He gave the military eight years, then resettled in the Queen City with his life partner Jerry Crayton. Currently, LeMond is in school pursuing a degree in Health Information Technology. He’s also an in-demand model for photographic and runway work. We wanted to get to know this well-rounded man a little better so we did what we do. Now you do what you do and keep reading.

What do you enjoy for breakfast that’s not a traditional breakfast food?

A cup of coffee, a banana and a Muscle Milk.

Which pair is more obviously a couple: Yogi Bear & Boo Boo, Dr. Quest & Race Bannon or Mr. Peabody & Sherman?

Yogi Bear & Boo Boo, of course. Always at rest areas and in the woods! Jus’ sayin’.

Are you happier with 95-degree days or 32-degree days?

95. Like Nelly says, “It’s getting hot in here…”

What’s your favorite song from the disco era?

“Disco Fever.”

Do you make your bed everyday?

It’s a must! Being prior military and having a little bit of OCD, my whole day would wrecked if the bed did not get made.

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “The Avengers,” “Fantastic Four,” “The Incredibles,” “X-Men”?

“X-Men,” “X-Men,” “X-Men” (see the sexiest action hero question below) and “The Incredibles,” because it was cute!

Which circus act would you most like to learn to perform?

I want to be shot from the cannon!

Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?

No, but I have jumped out of an airplane.

Would you attend a pole dancing exercise class?

Attend one? I think I could teach one! LOL!

Which old skool rap act is your favorite?

It’s gotta be Wu-Tang Clan, particularly on the track “Triumph.”

Are there more ink pens, safety pins or thumb tacks in your home?

There are ink pens galore in here…I’m in school.

Have you ever been bitten by fire ants?

In the military, I sat on an anthill in the woods. That was no fun!

Who’s the sexiest action movie star ever?

Hugh Jackman…hands down! I am married to Wolverine in my gay cartoon life. Don’t judge me! LOL!

How often do you wear cologne?

Err duh! I’m gay.

Which “culture challenged” TV family would you rather live beside: Al and Peg Bundy, Dan and Roseanne Conner or Fred and Lamont Sanford?

I guess Dan and Roseanne. I would already know that she was “family” from her attire; Fred G. Sanford and I would fall out over that dirty yard; and, Peg would get on my nerves!

Chicken McNuggets, chicken salad or chicken livers?

Chicken salad, please! I hate livers and processed foods!

Which is greater, your ring finger size or your shoe size?

My shoe size is bigger. ;-)

Did you ever have a jheri curl?

Did I? I was Lil Michael Jackson! Mine was not too moist though. “Juices and Berries!”

Have you ever played “Spin the Bottle”?

Yeah and I’m shy!

What’s your go-to word or phrase to express frustration or anger?

This is working on my nerves!! : :

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