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CIAA coverage lacking

I am reading qnotes’ March 1-14, 2013 issue (Vol. 27, No. 22) and I am disappointed that you have no coverage of the CIAA 2013 and Gay Black activities during the tournament in your paper. How can we work together to change that? I’ve seen your online CIAA coverage online. I am new to Charlotte area, and I will continue to support your paper.

— Anthony Newby, letter, March 8.

(From editor Matt Comer: “We did include one CIAA event in our events calendar for the March 1 issue. We would have included a second but organizers had yet to announce a location by the time we had to send the printer to press. We appreciate your feedback and will look toward doing more comprehensive CIAA coverage next year. Thanks again for sharing; reader feedback makes us better.”)

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What southern progress?

Call me a cynic, but I think you’re exaggerating the strength of the gay community in North Carolina. We’re talking about a state where, less than a year ago, two thirds of residents voted to amend the constitution to bar us from any form of legal relationship protection. There may have been no discussion of southern victories because there haven’t been any worth mentioning. I’ll grant that the national organizations need to spend more time on the southern states, but most of them have constitutional amendments in place and no indication of a desire to lift them. What reason have we given to indicate we would be a good investment for these national organizations to sink money into?

— Patrick, goqnotes.com, March 5, in response to Joshua Burford’s ‘Community Voices’ column, ‘Who’s left to Create Change in the South?’ at goqnotes.com/21306/.

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Change comes from the inside

As far as change in our state it will have to be done with local people, not outsiders. I feel we can overcome the fears just through education and socializing.

— Janice Covington, goqnotes.com, March 7, in response to Joshua Burford’s ‘Community Voices’ column, ‘Who’s left to Create Change in the South?’ at goqnotes.com/21306/.

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