Spring/Summer Travel: US Airways has direct flights to European LGBT destinations

Barcelona Pride. Photo Credit: Adria Garcia, via Flickr. Licensed CC

Barcelona Pride.
Photo Credit: Adria Garcia, via Flickr. Licensed CC

US Airways is launching several direct flights between Charlotte and several international cities ranking high on a list of destinations popular with LGBT travelers. The cities include Manchester in England, Brussels, Barcelona in Spain and Lisbon in Portugal.

England and Spain rank second and fifth in top LGBT international travel destinations, in addition to other European destinations, according to 2013 market research from Community Marketing, Inc.

In addition, each of US Airways’ seasonal direct-flight destinations are in nations which offer full marriage equality to all couples and have LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination laws.

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US Airways’ seasonal direct flights will run from spring through the fall. See the list of flight dates below, along with links to The Charlotte Observer’s special “insider guide” coverage of each of the cities. Additionally, we’ve also included dates for each of the cities’ LGBT Pride events. Unfortunately, Brussels will hold their event one month prior to the start of US Airways’ direct flights.

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Manchester, England

Service: May 22-Sept. 28
Insider guide: bit.ly/Oe6eKL
Annual Pride: Aug. 22-25

Brussels, Belgium

Service: June 5-Sept. 1
Insider guide: bit.ly/1irUoq1
Annual Pride: May 1-17

Barcelona, Spain

Service: May 22-Oct. 24
Insider guide: bit.ly/1i5gEaU
Annual Pride: June 19-29

Lisbon, Portugal

Service: May 22-Sept. 28
Insider guide: bit.ly/1cPeO8V
Annual Pride: June

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