TalkBack: 08.15.14

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On McCrory

Readers respond to McCrory’s continued silence on LGBT equality, the subject of the Aug. 1 editorial, “McCrory can’t ignore LGBT equality” (

McCrory had an opportunity, but has chosen the Jessi Helms line against the rights of minority cultures of who are citizens of the State of North Carolina. He was a sorry Mayor and now is a sorry Governor; his epitaph will go down in history as a forgotten person in the annals of time. Or just a footnote about discrimination in the south.Its a pity.
— Janice Covington, Facebook, Aug. 1

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He is the lion that never roared.
— Robert John Kellogg, Facebook, Aug. 1

“… McCrory’s name will be synonymous with those who attempted to take away the rights of others.” Great line. So true. McCrory simply is a very wrecthed pol. Let’s hope he is a one term governor.
— Jim Thompson, Facebook, Aug. 1

Pride similarities

Conversation continues on the similarities and differences between Charlotte Pride and Charlotte Black Gay Pride (

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I have been to both Prides here in the Queen City and I have volunteer for both Prides in the past and felt very pleased with the two different Prides here in Charlotte.
— Luis A Ramos Jr.,, July 27

About Cooper

A reader’s simple takeaway from Attorney General Roy Cooper’s decision to no longer defend Amendment One (

“It’s time to stop making arguments we will lose”….Translation; “North Carolina never had a good reason to pass this marriage ban in the first place. We should never have listened to the lies we were told”
— Wayne,, July 28

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