The Q-Notes staff is so excited about this special issue and our first ever LGBT Carolinas Newcomer Guide. We hope you’re excited, too.

Last fall, when we were mulling over ideas for our 2009 editorial calendar, we were inspired to do some sort of special issue for newcomers and those newly out of the closet. Each fall, The Charlotte Observer publishes a great annual resource, “Living Here,” which lists a great set of resources and information for Charlotte citizens and newcomers. We thought, “Hey, why can’t the Carolinas LGBT community have the same thing?” So, we did it.

This keepsake issue’s Newcomer Guide includes listings for community resources, AIDS service organizations, primarily LGBT faith congregations and nightlife establishments.

Like “Living Here,” the Guide is designed to be an annual resource and welcoming tool for folks who’ve just moved into the Carolinas, people who have just come out of the closet or folks who’ve been here for years but don’t yet know where or who to go to if they need help, a place to have some fun or want some social time.

But, the Newcomer Guide is just the beginning. Our Guide is just one small part of our revamped QGuide, our larger, more extensive online listing of LGBT and LGBT-friendly resources, faith groups, bars and clubs, restaurants, cafés and other businesses, as well as local and regional events.

Unfortunately, we just couldn’t fit everything into this one print issue. But, no need to worry. Surf over to and check our database of listings there. If you see something we’ve missed or something that needs correction, please submit a new listing or updates at or email it to

Because of our special issue this time around, you’ll also notice that many of our regular columns are missing. Again, no need to worry — we’ve covered all bases. International, National and North Carolina News Notes, along with other great news pieces, are published online and ready for consumption at

Take a look at the Newcomer Guide, tuck away a copy somewhere safe in your house. If you’re a community organization, keep a dozen copies stashed away for folks you meet throughout the year and who might be interested in having a copy. Take a browse through our online QGuide, and after all that, let us know what you think. We’re always looking for feedback and for ideas tot help us serve you better.

How embarrassing
In our June 27 print issue, Q-Notes published a pretty extensive piece on openly gay and lesbian elected officials across the Carolinas. Except, there was one glaring absence: Judge John Arrowood. We realized we’d had a horrible lapse of memory a few days after the piece hit the streets, when it was way too late to do anything about it.

So, I gathered up the courage, sent a message to Judge Arrowood, apologized for leaving him out and promised we’d get something in our July 25 issue. I’ve kept my promise:

John S. Arrowood — Judge Arrowood received his law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982, after which he worked for the Court of Appeals and practiced law in Charlotte. In August 2007, Gov. Mike Easley appointed Arrowood to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, to fulfill an unexpired term vacated by Judge Eric Levinson. The appointment made him the first openly gay or lesbian official to ever hold a statewide office in Tar Heel history. Arrowood ran for election to the post in 2008 but was defeated by Judge Robert Hunter.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

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  1. Thank you to Q-Notes for putting together the newcomers guide. What happened to the guide that the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard used to put together? Is the switchboard still around?

    Also on an unrelated topic. Why are the Don King awards associated with the Business Guild and not the Community Center. The Community Center needs to step up and take ownership of these types of things. Where have they been anyway? They moved away and the Center is no longer visible.

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