Greetings, admirers and fans of all shapes, colors, sizes and ages! Thanks for joining me once again for pageant chatter. There’s a whole cornucopia of tea to pour this time.

I’ll start with results from the National Entertainer of the Year contest which just took place in Louisville, Ky. Congrats are going out to a gorgeous Latina queen from Atlanta (by way of Augusta, I’m told) by the name of Bianca Nicole. Although it was not Bianca’s first pageant, I’m told she was sort of like her predecessor Nina West in that she had not done too many in her day before going home with this lovely rhinestone bonnet. Bianca’s runners-up, in order, included Vanessa DeMornay, DeAngela Show Shannon, Summer Breeze, Raquel Lord, Layla LaRue, Daphne Ferraro, Genesis, Camille Simpson, Vanessa Danielle and Myah Monroe. One thing’s for sure — at EOY, they could care less who you were in the past. The winner will be crowned the winner. On the same weekend, Mr. EOY was held. Xavier Litter won. His RUs included Xavier Cole and Kevin Carlson.

On the eve of Miss Mid-East America being held here in Charlotte, I can report other winners of preliminaries to Miss Gay America, like DC — Jessica Jade with RU Karyn Thomas; Miss Louisiana — Cassidy St. James; Miss Tennessee — Anita Cocktail; and Miss Midwest — Jade Sinclair with RU Kitty Litter.

On the U.S.ofA. scene, little baby Stasha Sanchez has already been to two prelims as the newest national titleholder. Danielle Delong won the first, Miss Southern States, and Jayda Iman Alexander won Miss Texas with RU Silkie O’Hara Munro. My sista Tajma Hall flew out to judge. She tells me Jayda burned the building down in Talent and looks for her to do really well at the national contest next May.

I’ll close with local news. The winner of the Miss Charlotte U.S.ofA. contest at Liaison’s was Orlando Chanel with RU Valerie Rockwell. I need to get out and see Valerie when she hosts Fierce at Buck Wild. Wait ’til school gets started back, sis—the big blonde bitch will have her face in the place, OK? They recently had Miss Gastonia at Night Owls. Chocolate came in to relinquish her title and crowned my little sis Brandonna Dupree. Her RU was a lovely S.C. girl by the name of Odette. Congrats are also going out to Arabia Knight Addams on her win of Miss Transcarolina Southeast at Warehouse 29. Her RUs included Versage, Ebony Addams and Orlando Chanel. So that’s three former Misses NC U.S.ofA. in the bunch and one on her way. Quite a group, if you ask me.

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