Anti-gay Hornets sponsor that opposed LGBT non-discrimination ordinance relocates headquarters to Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An anti-gay company and Charlotte Hornets sponsor whose president signed a letter in February opposing a suite of LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances will hold a grand opening for their relocated headquarters in Charlotte on Thursday.

Technocom President Jim Riggins was among nearly 100 anti-LGBT religious leaders, activists and business owners who signed on to the letter drafted by the far-right legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. The letter had asked Council to vote against the proposals, which were defeated in a vote on March 2.

The letter — a nearly word-for-word copy of a legal memo drafted by Alliance Defending Freedom — repeated homophobic and transphobic scare tactics, falsely linking transgender people and others in the LGB community to sexual predation.

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Technocom, formerly based in Matthews, announced their grand opening events, scheduled for Thursday, with a press release whose headline read, “Hornet’s Official Business Solutions Partner Celebrates Twenty-Eight Years.”

The Charlotte Hornets will attend the grand opening event, along with other “long time clients and partners,” according to the release; those include Charlotte Motor Speedway, WBT’s The Link, CBS Radio’s THE FAN and Charlotte City Councilwoman Patsy Kinsey. Kinsey had been among several Council members in favor of the LGBT-inclusive protections.

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Other Technocom partners have included Levine Properties and the Charlotte Regional Partnership.

Other signatories on the February letter included: Jim Noble, owner of several restaurants in Charlotte and Winston-Salem including Uptown’s Rooster’s and King’s Kitchen’s and Winston-Salem’s Noble’s Grille, and Principal Doug Stephan and Vice President, Tim Hill of Vision Ventures, a large real estate development company that once owned Uptown’s EpiCentre and currently owns Ballantyne Village.

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  1. Interesting how close-minded businesses in the “Queen” city don’t mind accepting our money. Knowing where their profits go should reduce that cash-flow considerably if the gay community is halfway paying attention.

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