Hey Trinity,
My partner of three years is now getting into the “Fetish Scene”. Should I be scared of him, our relationship or for myself?
Fetish Inquiries, Nashville, Tenn.

Hey Fetish Inquiries,
On one hand (cuff) some fetishes are mild, mostly about fashion, but others can become so intense that one is unable to have sex without their fetish or “fetish toys” and can even replace sexual partners with these fetishes, which is where you come in (or go out). So, darling, don’t stop him. Just keep a close tie, I mean eye, on it. It can be expensive too, think IML Chicago! Also, go out with your partner rather than letting this fetish explorer roam alone. And, keep me posted.

Dear Trinity,
I’ve been with the same beautiful girl for almost a year now. But, she’s constantly getting hit on. I worry that she could find better or get bored with me and lose interest. I also worry that this won’t last. Help!
Worried Sick, Annapolis, Md.

Dear Worried Sick,
Stop the negative tape recorder in your head. You’re worrying me and yourself sick. Que Sera, sera. You must learn to stay in the moment and appreciate what you have today. Now, honey, shut up and be happy. (See my take on this dilemma in my cartoon.)

Dearest Trinity,
I’m dating a guy who doesn’t want to be tied down even though we’ve already been dating for three months. He says he’ll only date me, but he still wants to be free (promiscuous)? Shouldn’t I be upset?
Promiscu-Mess, Asheville, N.C.

Dearest Promiscu-Mess,
Well, shouldn’t he just get a halo for honesty. Listen, pumpkin, if you can stand it, then why not let him keep his bachelorhood fantasies for a while. He, like most monsters, I mean men, feel trapped by relationships. If by month six he still hasn’t found “his freedom” with you, then it may be time to send him back to the zoo. Eventually, a couple really does have to want the same sting, I mean thing.

Hello Trinity,
I fell in love and let this person move in to my home. But, recent stories and situations are not making sense. I think I am being taken advantage of emotionally and financially. How do I know if I am being scammed?
Scam Jam, Toledo, Ohio

Hello Scam Jam,
It’s hard to believe that someone you love would take advantage of you, but guess what, baby, these are typically the ones who do it. Besides talking to the police, here are:

Trinity’s Trusty Tips For Knowing If You Are (PBS) Probably Being Scammed

1. When you’re paying or taking responsibility for the drug, gambling or alcohol habits of someone you “love” — you’re PBS.

2. When a stranger, a friend or even a relative says, “Trust me with your password, bank or credit card info, etc.” — you’re PBS!

3. When someone you don’t know says, “Give me the cash first and I’ll come back with the goods in 10 minutes!” — you’re PBS.

4. When you buy electronics from someone selling it out of their car or on the street — you’re PBS!

5. When you’re involved with someone whom all your trusted friends call “a thief and a hustler” — you’re PBS.

6. When you’re dealing with stories (or lies) that continually “don’t add up” — you’re PBS.

7. When you take someone’s check while the banks are closed and/or give merchandise before a check clears, then you’re setting yourself up for PBS.

8. When you buy something big, like land or bonds, but have not had an “outside” lawyer and/or banker do the research first, then you’re PBS.

9. When you don’t read the restaurant check you’re Possibly BS.

10. Lastly, when your lover moves someone in, leaving you financially responsible for them, and things also start disappearing — you’re Absolutely BS!

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity was host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama, and now performs globally.
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