Dearest Trinity,
I met the perfect guy. Now we’re thinking of getting married. Do you think it’s too fast?
Too Fast, Atlanta, GA

Dearest Too Fast,
What’s too fast, I ask? Are marriage, love and/or science a perfect science? We know that some couples within two days meet, marry and spend 50 years together, while other couples date successfully for 10 years, get married and yet end up divorced three months later. So, sweetie, if you want to live dangerously, I say, “Jump in, yet be prepared for all possible outcomes.” Socrates also suggests, ”If love doesn’t work out, ‘You can always become a philosopher.’”

Dear Trinity,
I’ve been in a healthy threesome relationship for over five years now. What do you think of threesome relationships?
Three To One, Provincetown, MA

tt_445_112015Dear Three To One,
Believe it or not, I’ve known many and they all seem to work out great while they are working. I, myself, darling, have also thought of tying the knot with a few men at once but… I have to convince my rabbi first! (Oy! now this one is a real conundrum. So many men, how do I choose just two? My cartoon shows you how I treat this situation.)

Hey Trinity,
I’ve been chasing after someone for almost a year now. I call, email, make sure I’m at the gym when he’s there and even take pictures of him when he’s in the park. Shouldn’t I at least get the time of day? I’m not stalking him, just being aggressive about my love.
Not (Just) Stalking, Flint, MI

Hey Not (Just) Stalking,
In the perfect Disney animation film, he should go out with you, but in reality you are probably frightening him, absolutely stalking him and possibly committing a crime. Dating is a healthy game two people agree on playing together. Stalking is an unhealthy game that one person decides to play on someone else. If you truly love him, then you must let him go, not kill him with kindness! Oh, and honey, if you can’t move on, then seriously, get some therapy!Good luck. : :

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