PrintAs we look back on 30 years of coverage, we reached out to local LGBT leaders and asked them what our paper has meant to them and to the community at large. Here is what they had to say.

“Congratulations on 30 years of being a steady and constant in the LGBT community. Thank you for supporting and sharing the stories of the many different non-profits in the Carolinas, including RAIN. Happy anniversary and I am excited to see what you do for the next 30 years!”
Nathan Smith
Director of Development & Marketing
Regional AIDS Interfaith Network

qnotes is very important to the LGBT community in numerous areas. It provides very important information about current issues that affect the LGBT community including health. It provides interviews with important LGBT leaders and information about affirming businesses and churches in Charlotte. It provides important information regarding upcoming events that are of interest to the LGBT community. Along with those items, qnotes gives comic relief with some light articles. None of this information is provided to the LGBT community through any other source, therefore it is, and has remained, vitally important to the LGBT community over 30 years. Thank you for the wonderful job you do.”
Rev. Dawn Flynn
Pastor, New Life MCC

qnotes and Jim Yarbrough were how I first connected to the LGBT community in Charlotte when I moved here in the early 1990s. Long before becoming an attorney I did newspaper production back when newspaper pages were laid out by hand and I helped out at qnotes for a time. Through qnotes I learned the news and happenings in the community and through Jim, I met a group of organizers and activists working on LGBT issues. Without qnotes, then and now, there would be a huge hole in information and connection. Even today with so much information online I still pick up qnotes every other week. Congratulations on 30 years!”
Connie J. Vetter
Attorney at Law

“How time flies. It’s almost unbelievable that qnotes has been with us for 30 years. I picked up my first copy of qnotes when I lived in Greensboro in 1990 and have been reading both online and hard copy ever since. When I moved to Charlotte seven or so years ago, I decided to advertise my business in qnotes and have been ever since because I believe in supporting our community and qnotes is a big part of that. qnotes brings us the most up-to-date LGBT news when we need it and it’s always a pleasure to read Buff’s (Buff Faye) column. Thank you to all of the staff, and of course Jim, for your dedication to the LGBT community and I will be looking forward to the 50th Anniversary Party that Jim will throw. I am sure it will be a blast.”
Janice Covington Allison
Transgender Activist

“As the President and CEO of Different Roads Home, as well as helping to found Rosedale Infectious Diseases, I find it remarkable the impact that qnotes has on the LGBT community. Jim and the staff are always there to help support our organizations, as well as help cross promote a better understanding of HIV education in the community. Many of our clients have found us from seeing our ads in this wonderful publication. Thanks qnotes for 30 years of serving Charlotte’s LGBT community and here’s to 30 more.”
Dale Pierce
CEO and President, Different Roads Home

qnotes has been an essential part of our agency in getting news and information out to the youth and community. Their unique reporting has made our agency stronger.”
Rodney Tucker
Executive Director, Time Out Youth

“At 30, qnotes is Charlotte’s second oldest LGBT institution (only Scorpio’s has been around longer). That’s over 700 bi-weekly issues of news and information about Charlotte’s dynamic LGBT community. qnotes was a pioneer. When no other media outlet could be bothered, qnotes consistently covered issues central to LGBT people. By doing so, the paper has played an important role helping to move our lives and concerns from the sidelines to the mainstream.
“Congratulations on reaching this milestone. And thanks for your perseverance and vision.”
John Quillin
Managing Artistic Director
Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte

“The Big Q consistently provides a composite reflection of the gifts and leadership LGBTQ citizens offer.”
Debbie Warren
President & CEO, RAIN

qnotes has been an invaluable asset to our community. Through the years, it has kept us informed of our history, our organizations and support groups and has given us an insightful look at current happenings. It truly has been a blessing having qnotes as our family newspaper.”
Frank Kalian
Owner, Sir Speedy

qnotes has provided and continues to provide news, information, and entertainment for the LGBT communities in Charlotte, the region, the state, and even the world. For its advertising partners, it helps the LGBT community connect with and support other members of the LGBT community and its allies. Through qnotes, we not only create, but sustain our sense of community. Through qnotes, we share our ideas, our experiences, our victories, and our losses. Without qnotes, we would otherwise be isolated individuals with little shared support.”
J. Wesley Thompson, MHS, PA-C, AAHIVS, DFAAPA
Ballantyne Family Medicine

“When considering what part of North Carolina my then fiance Gwen and I would move to to start the Unity Fellowship Church Movement’s first church in the Bible Belt , Charlotte edged out other cities partly because of the professionalism and content provided in qnotes. Since that wonderful decision was made in 2000, I have seen the publication go through many challenges, and while I have not always agreed with its approach to the news, I have always appreciated the fact that it exists. In the absence of a Community Center, qnotes has helped us build a community forum for trans, queer, lesbian, gay and bi voices to be heard. Thank you, Jim Yarbrough, for starting this paper and for your service to the region. May the next 30 years be blessed. will start that ball rolling by placing an ad this week! Who will join me?
Bishop Tonyia M. Rawls
Sacred Souls Community Church
Executive Director
The Freedom Center for Social Justice

qnotes is part of a proud tradition of local queer publications coming out of Charlotte. Over the years, qnotes has been the place where the community learned about itself, helped people connect, and has served as the storehouse of information about groups and events big and small. Here in 2016 as part of the King-Henry-Brockington LGBTQ Archive, qnotes will take on a new role as a source of information for researchers, students, faculty and staff at UNCC. Likewise the information contained within this publication will give the entire community access to our history in a way that does not exist anywhere else. I am excited for the 30th anniversary of qnotes and look forward to what the future brings.”
Joshua Burford
Assistant Director for Sexual & Gender Diversity
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“I am thrilled to celebrate this auspicious qnotes anniversary. When I think about the tragic number of LGBT publications we lost from coast to coast in the last decade, many of them boasting staff and resources that far outstripped ours, it highlights the real triumph of this milestone. I cherished my time as editor and was pleased to watch my successors take qnotes to even greater journalistic heights. No pressure, but I can’t wait to be asked to comment on the newspapers’ 40th anniversary.”
David Stout
qnotes Former Editor

Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

Jeff Taylor is a journalist and artist. In addition to QNotes, his work has appeared in publications such The Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing Charlotte, Inside Lacrosse, and McSweeney’s Internet...