Robert Moog

DURHAM, N.C. — Moogfest, slated for May 19-22, will take place across the Bull City as it celebrates music, technology and culture.

moogfest_logoThe free jam-packed festival explores new frontiers in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), Future Sound, The Future Of Creativity, Transhumanism, Hacking Sound (Systems), Radio & The Radiophonic, Afrofuturism, Technoshamanism, Instrument Innovators and Art & Artificial Intelligence. Attendees come from nearby, as well as across the country and the globe. Moogfest celebrates the legacy of Bob Moog, a visionary engineer who pioneered the analog synthesizer and other technology tools used by artists like Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Kraftwerk. This year’s program will feature over 250 innovators in music, art, and technology from Gary Numan, GZA, Grimes and Laurie Anderson, to virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier and transhumanist visionary Dr. Martine Rothblatt. This is the first time the festival will take place in Durham. Moog was a collaborator and believed that true innovation came from it rather than exclusion.

“A community’s hope for any festival is that it will be inclusive and that it will highlight and reinforce for as wide an audience as possible what makes the community so special,” said Shelly Green, CEO of the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Moogfest’s impressive commitment to free programming, open to one and all, spread throughout our thriving downtown, delivers on that hope.”

“Moogfest recently received support from the City of Durham and Durham County to help make this range of festival programming possible,” Moogfest Director Marisa Brickman shared. “At it’s core, Moogfest is a conversation about the future. We are grateful to all our supporters, and especially the City and the County, for helping us propose a more accessible future. As Durham grows and changes, and it surely will, our hope is to be one of many diverse and inclusive events that work together to enrich the region.” reported, Moogfest aims to offer some of the most unique and modern music available in the U.S., and a recent law in its home state has pushed the event to stress its inclusiveness.

HB2 has made headlines since businesses, individuals, other states, their own Attorney General, and several legal groups have decried the law which removed protections for LGBTQ citizens within a number of cities and forces transgender people into the wrong restroom.

“Moogfest is proud of its home in Durham, its heritage in Asheville, and our friends throughout the state of North Carolina,” read a statement sent out following the bill’s passage two weeks ago. “But we adamantly oppose this law, and any laws that enable or encourage exclusion and bigotry.”

Organizers told GayRVA, “We will take every step possible to ensure that Moogfest remains a safe and welcoming space for all festival-goers, especially the many LGBTQ artists and speakers joining us this year.”

The full schedule is available online and includes more than 300 musical performances, daytime workshops, conversations, masterclasses, film screenings, live scores, durational sound installations and multiple interactive art experiences.

Tickets are $249/full and $499/VIP. Day passes are $129 for Thursday, Friday or Saturday and $69 for Sunday. All are available online.


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