QPoll: Should Charlotte City Council consider repeal of LGBT non-discrimination ordinance for HB2 deal?

The Charlotte City Council has been getting pressure from the North Carolina General Assembly and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce to compromise in order to hopefully get some sort of modification to HB2. The NCGA has put forth no plan publicly stating what they would change and LGBT activists and leaders have been calling on the Charlotte City Council to stand strong and not repeal the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in order to strike a deal.

They recently voted against putting the issue on the agenda and so far are standing their ground.

We wondered what our readers thought about the issue. Should the Charlotte City Council consider repealing the now null and void LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in hopes of a compromise over HB2?

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Should the Charlotte City Council consider repealing the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance to get HB2 modified?

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Posted by Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

Jeff Taylor is a journalist and artist. In addition to QNotes, his work has appeared in publications such The Charlotte Observer, Creative Loafing Charlotte, Inside Lacrosse, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He graduated from the State University of New York at Brockport and has lived in Charlotte since 2006.@jefftaylorhuman.