Readers have responded to the “Lawmakers take half a million dollars from disaster relief to put toward defending HB2, upon McCrory’s request” story.

“Disaster Relief Funds stolen for H2B Defense.”

This is an outrageous use of public money earmarked for a real, needed purpose to further a political agenda. The hypocrisy of their actions is a reflection of their inability to see the morality in any of their shenanigans. We as the electorate expect some basic common fiduciary responsibility from those who promised to be fiscally responsible. They have proven they are not up to the task.

— Tom Im, Charlotte, N.C.


This is a total embarrassment to the beautiful state of North Carolina. This person’s personal agenda. As a retired Michigan corrections officer I do understand the concern for protecting females against perverted males, but a true transgender female is not the threat, especially one who has been physically altered.

It is ludicrous to spend disaster fund monies to defend such an outlandish, unpopular bill. There are much more intelligent ways to address the problem of men dressed as woman in public restrooms.

If a male’s intention is to do harm to a female in a public restroom, he will most likely not be wearing ladies’ clothing.

— Patricia Munsil, Arden, N.C.

Man made disaster

When in the course of human events, bigotry and injustice become too great a burden, certain laws must be repealed. In a costly special session, the governor, Senate, and representatives enacted such a law. Though widely criticized for injurious treatment to tax payers, the lawmakers chose to further punish the state by using money for storm relief to defend their man made disaster. Risk and burdens placed along the coast through this negligence cannot be measured by dollars alone, but lives. Those defending HB2 are placing N.C. in double jeopardy by spending tax payer dollars on enforcing intolerance.

— Elizabeth Woodside, Wilmington, N.C.