Watch: McCrory responds to journalist, activist calling him “Governor One Term”

McCrory is locked in a tight race as he attempts to win reelection

RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. McCrory is no stranger to criticism, especially since signing HB2, including from journalist and activist Grayson Haver Currin. Currin and his wife, Tina Haver Currin, are the organizers behind the air horn orchestra, which has been making noise at the governor’s mansion every Wednesday in protest of the discriminatory bill.

Currin is also the editor of Raleigh Agenda as well as a contributor to Pitchfork.

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He posted a video to social media on Tuesday showing himself calling McCrory “Governor One Term,” a nickname many of his detractors have begun calling him, suggesting he will lose his upcoming reelection bid against Attorney General Roy Cooper in November.

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“Governor One Term! Hi, how ya doing?” Currin says to McCrory.

“Hi,” he answers back, smiling and waving.

In a posting to the air horn orchestra’s public Facebook group, Currin writes, “Had a run-in with the governor today. Our conversation ended by me saying that I’d see him tomorrow night, and he replied—no fooling—’Look forward to it.’ Come out.”

Watch the video below.

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Posted by Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

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