Hot from the inbox, from Equality North Carolina:

Imagine … what would the world be like if there were true equality for LGBT folks?

What would be different? In a world of fairness, what would you have now that you currently lack? What is it you want?

Now, don’t just tell us, show us. Draw us a picture – literally if you want! – or write what you want on a piece of paper, and then send us a photograph. Equality NC is developing a new photo initiative to educate the public on what fairness is really about, and we need your help.

A picture is worth a thousands words, and we want to create a collection of images to illustrate the dreams and aspirations of LGBT North Carolinians. Who are we? What does true equality mean to us? We want to assemble an assortment of pictures from all over North Carolina to demonstrate exactly what our state hopes for. With an emphasis on fairness, freedom, and family, tell us, what does equality mean to you? Help us picture equality for 2010!

Just take a photo of yourself, family, and/or friends, telling us what you want. Write it on a piece of paper, on a chalkboard, or however you like – “I WANT” or “WE WANT” with a simple hope, or a picture, or an image.

Be creative. We want to collect as many photos as possible. Email your picture/send a link to your photo to

We began this project at the 2009 Equality Gala, and we’ll be displaying the results throughout the year. Check out some of the pictures we have already in our photo gallery.