Dearest Trinity,
My boyfriend doesn’t appreciate me, so I’m trying to make him jealous. Do you think this could work?
Attention Please, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Dearest Attention Please,
Now, I know I read that jealousy makes a relationship stronger. Oh, yes, in the national tabloids. In real life, jealousy can only create a distrustful love. It is shifty and devious, leading to all sorts of suspicions. And if that’s not bad enough, jealousy makes one resentful, overprotective, doubtful and confused. Sweetie, to keep someone’s attention, try being mysterious, desirable, not-so-easy to catch and without a lot of drama. Let me repeat, “without drama!” Good luck.

Hey Trinity,
My partner and I have been having some issues. I love her, but don’t know where to turn. Could a psychic work?
Something Missing, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hey Something Missing,
When it comes to relationship issues, there are many paths to take. Romantic dinners or trips with peaceful discussions is one. Therapy is another. And, yes, sometimes an intuitive friend or even a good psychic is another option. But, pumpkin, either way, don’t dilly-dally. Call for assistance! (You’ve already “called” me; why not try some other options like you see shown in my cartoon. Just get help and try to work it out. Options abound, sweetie!)

Hello Trinity,
About a year ago, I came out, slept around and partied hard at the local gay bars in my small town. Overall, I think I’ve left the impression locally that I’m a drunken slut, not the dating/boyfriend type. How do I repair my image?
Slut Repair, Madison, WI

Hello Slut Repair,
Newly-coming-out gay men are supposed to live, drink and slut around, except…you weren’t supposed to do it locally. “Coming out,” means “getting out” of your neighborhood for a while. So, honey, disappear from your local bar scene for a while and reappear with a new hairstyle, clothes and attitude, which includes sober-filled, sex-less nights. People are simple. “If you look different and act different then you must be different.” Also, show up at your local hangouts at new times, talk to new people and sit in new places! Transform your image and your dating dilemma should transform as well.

Dear Trinity,
The election results are killing me. I am so depressed. Help!
Comparing Notes, Cambridge, MA

Dear Comparing Notes,
The results have put a lot of us Progressives in a coma. But, darling, we must come out of it… fighting. This is not the first time we’ve lost to the right, so hold tight, be positive and read:

Trinity’s Top Ten Tips for Being Positive About This Election:
1. The senate needs 60 votes for a Supreme Court nominee. They only have 51.
2. All modern Republicans screw up the economy…so then the Democrats can take the government back.
3. If you had to choose Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan or Rick Santorum for president… you don’t have to.
4. We now get to fight, protest, come together, educate and listen to Rachel Maddow.
5. Marijuana is legal in more states including swing states like Florida. So start smoking…four years goes fast when you’re stoned.
6. The Trump Family Brand needs to keep up their label, so they just may not burn the country down.
7. Melania has nude photos all over the internet. That’s better than having photos of her as a nun burning gays and promoting conversion therapy.
8. There will be so many wonderful, funny, crazy anti-Trump cartoons, posters and ads that Orange will become the new black. Sorry, my ginger friends.
9. We all know elections are about rhetoric to excite the base. And the media makes it much worse to sell papers. Rarely are political parties able to do what they say, especially with only 51 senate seats.
10. And, lastly, Trump’s a moderate with NYC values, who is hated by much of his own right wing party, even more than by the Democrats so in four years… Bye Felicia. : :

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