Hey Trinity,
Don’t you think marijuana is bad and people should stick to legal substances such as alcohol, coffee and prescription drugs? Isn’t it better for them and society? Isn’t it less dangerous and clean?
Drug Or Drugless, Austin, TX

Hey Drugless,
On the contrary, alcohol statistically is 88,000 times more deadly than marijuana. That’s how many folks die each year from alcohol, as opposed to the zero deaths reported from the backyard plant. Marijuana became illegal in the 1940s because the paper industry owned by Hearst and the plastics industry owned by Dupont were being destroyed by the hemp industry owned by the many local farmers producing hemp for the war. Marijuana’s illegal status today is nothing more than politics, not statistics. Alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and pharmaceuticals have stayed legal simply because of powerful, well-financed lobby groups who have kept these extremely deadly substances legal. And don’t get me started on gun (un)control. Each year approximately 10,000 folks die from caffeine-related deaths, 500,000 from cigarettes and almost 800,000 folks die yearly from overused or wrongly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. So, pumpkin, I guess you know my opinion now!

Dearest Trinity,
Do you think sleeping with a one-night stand ruins the possibility of a second date?
One Night Date, Memphis, TN

Dearest One Night Date,
Having a one-night stand is like eating a chocolate bar. It’s fantastic when you’re eating it, however, when you’re done, you may have a stomach ache and probably won’t even be able to look at another chocolate bar for a few…hours. Honey, there are no absolute rules when it comes to sex, love, relationships and chocolate. But I will say that the more you wait or deny yourself that chocolate bar, the more and more you’ll become interested in getting into its wrapper and keeping it longer! Need I say more?

Dear Trinity,
My 14-year-old nephew is thinking about doing drag. I’m scared that he will want to become transgender if he does. Help! Don’t you think I should stop him?
Drag Drama, Charlotte, NC

Dear Drag Drama,
There’s a huge difference between wanting to do drag and wanting to change your biological sex. Huge! One may lead to the other, of course, but rarely does it happen. Rarely! And repressing one’s artistic expression can only make things worse. Much worse! When a family supports honesty, openness and risk-taking, then anything positive is possible. However, sweetie, if one is outcast, made to take risks alone or made to feel ashamed of oneself, then anything negative is probable! If you’re lucky, when he’s done, maybe he’ll want to become a doctor. (Drag queens need the support of family and friends and maybe even a community. Check out my cartoon to see how.)

To Trinity,
I want to be like you, a singer, a writer and an artist. But I don’t know how to start. My life is so set: same job, same friends and same unartistic existence. How do I get in touch with my creative side?
Ready To Be An Artist, Seattle WA

To Ready To Be,
Nearly everyone who wants to be an artist already is, but, darling, before you sign up for that “artist within” retreat, here are:

Trinity’s Helpful Tips For Finding Your Creative Self
1. Do something dangerous. Facing your fears opens many new roads.
2. Deny yourself something you can’t resist. Stronger wills make stronger artists.
3. Take different routes to work and other places. Challenge what is constant.
4. Forgive someone you can’t. Resentment promises stagnation.
5. Visit new places. New environments bring new creative ideas.
6. Deny yourself one of your senses for a day. Expand your other senses.
7. Invite unfamiliar or ridiculous conversations. Everyone is a teacher.
8. Redecorate, even with the same furniture. Change your surroundings.
9. Ask lots of questions. There are no stupid questions.
10. And, lastly, start acting like an artist. Fake it ‘til you make it!

info: With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama performed globally, and is now minister of sponsor, WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings, wigministries.org. Learn more at telltrinity.com.