Most of you all should know by now, but my homegirl Eureka O’Hara had to leave Season 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” due to a torn ACL in her knee. The good news is that Ru gave her an open invite to come back for Season 10 after recuperating.

The Elephant Queen, as her fans call her, was one of the most memorable on the show and did not leave without making a difference to many viewers — and now she has released a new song and music video entitled “Body Positivity” and another song called “Stomp.”

I had the opportunity to chat with Eureka and get the scoop on what she’s up to now and why she chose to do her new single “Body Positivity.” So, get a cup of tea, and let’s sip away.

Eureka: Hey love.

Buff: Hey sweetness thanks for making the time for me.

Eureka: Of course lady. I’m always here for ya.

Buff: So everybody is talking about this song “Body Positivity” that you did with Adam Barta and Kandy Muse. Tell me more about it.

Eureka: Well, being a plus size person most of my life, I have felt ridiculed for it…so with the platform of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” I wanted to talk about it, say something about it. No matter your shape, size, color or anything in-between you have to love yourself and be body positive.

Buff: Yeah, and all the love in your last episode, specifically the talk around body positivity, was very heart-warming and necessary, right?

Eureka: Yes, especially being on a show where you are loved or hated, picked apart. We all have to remind ourselves what we love about ourselves. And that’s all that truly matters. Reminding myself, no matter what others think or say, I love myself, I can be myself and I am free to be myself.

Buff: So important.

Eureka: I wanted it to be a celebration of life and who you are as a person.

Buff: As a fellow plus size gal, those are words to live by. Thank you. Did you write the lyrics to the song yourself?

Eureka: I did write the lyrics to the song, actually. I wrote most of them and there are a couple verses that Adam Barta helped me edit. I’ve been writing a lot of my own music, including the song “Stomp” too, which is a Vogue scene, play on for big girls.

Buff: I can’t wait to hear that too. So was there a time when you were young that somebody made fun of you because of your body size?

Eureka: I feel like my whole life that people made fun of me because of my body, being big. That is what I have been made fun of the most, besides being a flamboyant gay male. But it was always traced back to being big and fat…it kind of put you in a state of mind growing up that there’s something wrong with you, that they may be right, because you hear it negatively all the time. I just now in my adulthood, the last several years, thinking that is all wrong. I shouldn’t put that in my mind. I’m beautiful the way I am.

Buff: Indeed we are lady. [interrupts]

Eureka: And you know, some people will say you’re not healthy if you’re fat, but I’m somebody who dances and has extremely high energy…I’m healthier than most skinny people and more active. So I disagree with that wholeheartedly.

Buff: So who has been there to help you throughout those hard times in life?

Eureka: My mom has always been supportive. I had a very encouraging family that loved me. They have been there through it all.

Buff: So at the end of the day, what do you hope the new single “Body Positivity” will do for people?

Eureka: I hope it just gives them something to dance to. Something to be happy, smile, laugh and giggle. I hope they watch my music video especially, and see this big, giant drag queen, loving every inch, and ask why can’t I love me. Hopefully, it pushes people to love themselves. And that’s what matters to me, to make a difference in someone else’s life. That’s why I do drag. Hell yeah.

Buff: Hell yes, indeed.

Eureka: And don’t forget, you can buy it on iTunes now. [laughs]

Buff: Can we expect to see more of this in the future?

Eureka: My platform is going to be built around equality for all, in all ways. It’s definitely going to be about body positivity…and my confidence I have as a bigger person, as a gay man.  One of the lyrics from the song is “be proud, love every inch” and that’s exactly what I mean and want everyone to do.

Buff: Big is beautiful for sure. Every column I try to share a bit of drag advice or a drag tip, what you got for me?

Eureka: Never react to anything with anger or violence. Because that only ensures more anger and violence. Try to laugh it off. Remind yourself that they don’t understand me because I’m different and I would rather be different than like everyone else.

Buff: Everybody wants to know. Season 10, are you ready? How is your health? Your ACL?

Eureka: I am definitely going to go back for the first season they allow me to do. My health is doing well. I’ve worked very hard on my physical therapy. It was hard to pull myself out of that low point — emotionally and physically. I learned a lot about myself and I am stronger for it. Next month I hope to be released medically and have the official okay from my doctor.

Buff: Well I am personally looking forward to it and can’t wait. Anything to close out this interview for my readers – and your fans.

Eureka:  Hopefully on Season 10 a big girl will finally win and be America’s Next Drag Superstar!

Buff: Yasss! You know it! I wig you lady.

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