Howdy, folks, and Happy New Year! Where to begin? By the time this Rag comes out, I’ll be on my Central American voyage, but that’s a completely different story. It’s all about starting a new year off flawlessly — in some warmth with (hopefully) some brown-skinned babies!

So much to reflect on…where to begin? I would suggest everyone get ready to check out the second season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” if you have Logo. Go to the show’s website and see the new impersonators who are going to let us have it (or not) this go ‘round. One of those contestants, Shangela, has just won the first-ever Miss California EOY, with 2 runners-up who are known in larger drag circles: Chad Michaels and Shae Shae LaReese. But at press time, only the winner will compete nationally. Maybe that will change? I understand it was a night full of big names. Alec Mapa of “Ugly Betty” hosted. Some of the judges included “RuPaul’s Drag Race” producer Matthew Rose, Aubrey O’Day, Shanna Moakler, Calpernia Addams, Holly Madison and New York (of “I Love New York” fame), along with former Miss EOY Nina West and the reigning Miss Gay America (and former Miss U.S.ofA.) Alyssa Edwards. I know I would have been just stupid-starstruck if I had been there. Y’all know me!

To mention the holiday parties that I promised at the end of the last Rag, my thanks again to Macy Alexander and her partner Jason for the standing invite to their holiday gala. They really out-do themselves each year and the food and liquor — oh my! It has become one of my favorite holiday gatherings, complete with commentary by Elaine Davis. Ha! We know she loves an audience! It would take me until the next Rag to mention who all I bumped into there, but suffice it to say the majority of the big names in this area were there.

I left and went to a smaller gathering with my sisters Brooke and Brandonna after we had spent the night before together for my birthday. Slight change of plans, though, thanks to Mother Nature — we didn’t terrorize any Latino bars, we had a quiet homemade dinner. At that smaller gathering, I did get to chat with our Miss NC America, Detra Penucci, about her great experience at Miss America this past fall; as it turns out, she’s ready to go back after she got some great feedback from some judges and formers. Here’s wishing Detra a great year as our state’s “Symbol of Excellence.”

Shortly after Christmas, I finally went to check out a show at Petra’s and had a nice time with Ron, Tracy, Gypsy and Emery. Miss Roxy C. Moorecox hosted and did a number and was joined by Carmendy, Sierra Santana, Miss Charlotte Pride Felicia Monet and Miss Petra’s Pride Brandi Andrews, my newest little drag sister. Petra’s is a nice bar and they always have something going on in ‘da neighborhood! Imagine my surprise at the end of the show when former Miss Scorpio Big Mama B came bouncing in with a group of good-looking kids. I sure wish B still did shows!

I’ve just gotten back from a quick trip to Asheville with friends Brooke, Brandonna, Karlos and David — we made the trek up that mountain to see the show at Hairspray. Former Miss U.S.ofA. Classic flew in from California to do the show. It was fabulous to see her, as well as Adara McDaniels and Briana Love Michaels onstage. That crazy Natalie Maria Smalls emceed and was very hospitable and introduced anyone who was anyone to the audience. Lord, she’s a handful, but a true gem of a person.

Speaking of this past birthday, Linwood Dean, aka Talya Kohl, treated me to an exquisite dinner as we discussed drag business. It seems they have named her the Miss Unlimited at Large emeritus and they are planning the first national contest from June 3-6, tenatively, in Hickory at Club Cabaret. You’ll find on the company’s website,, that the categories will be Personal Interview, Creative Sportswear, Talent and Evening Gown. Reach the ole gal at missunlimitedat and tell her I sent ya!

In closing, I actually have a few contests to chatter about — like Miss and Mister Holiday, which took place at Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem. The winners were Paisley Parque and Cassius Vain and their runners-up were Miss Spotlight and Keoki. Raven Wood has already had her first prelim, which was a double crowning — Victoria Victors won Winter Wonderland and her RU was Ciera Fontaine and Dior won Sweetheart and her RU was Vanity Michaels.

I am still trying to get specifics on this Showtime special that (I guess) is a spin-off of “Trantasia.” I believe Cassandra Cass, Maria Roman and Tierra Russell did it, but my old friend Tamalah Taylor had to decline — seems she’s married with children instead. You better work, sis! More details to follow about the show, I promise. : :

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This article was published in the Jan. 23 — Feb. 5 print edition.