NEW YORK, N.Y. — On the May 31 “Nightline” special edition, “Inside the Pulse Nightclub Terror,” ABC News’ Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross took viewers inside the Pulse nightclub massacre. New body-camera footage and exclusive interviews with police and first responders revealed how the night unfolded, from the siege to the negotiation with gunman Omar Mateen to the moments when police stormed the club and rescued survivors, the network reported.

Using body cameras, Orlando, Fla. police stepped inside the club documenting what they saw there in the course of their first-responder team efforts. And, on May 31, 11 hours of footage was released. It depicted a scene that was filled with chaos and carnage. First responders and survivors told ABC News that the memories of the night, along with the emotions it stirred in them, were still raw.

Tapes provided a look at the terror of those who were at Pulse the evening of the massacre. Even more, it gave viewers a painful look at what transpired in the early minutes and hours of the tragedy.

The shooting’s footage showed the ravages and how law enforcement and others stepped up to bring an end to the situation. Police commented that they were heartbroken at what transpired.

“I was very proud of the police response, but still, you know, this person went in and killed 49 of our community members,” Police Chief John Mina said. “And so as a community we were devastated.”

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Across the U.S. and the globe, organizations and groups have paid homage to the victims of the shootings on the one-year anniversary with memorials, remembrances and other shows of respect and honor for the 49 who lost their lives.


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