Over 40 films will be shown during the NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival from Aug. 10-13 at The Carolina Theatre of Durham.

DURHAM, N.C. — The NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will be held from Aug. 10-13 at The Carolina Theatre of Durham, 309 W. Morgan St.

The festival features over 40 films in documentary and fictional format ranging from transgender, men’s and women’s shorts to full-length features. The list includes: “After Louie,” “All the Time in the World,” “Apricot Groves,” “Behind the Curtain,” “Big Kahuna,” “Cat Skin,” “Center of My World,” “Comes the Morning,” “Death and Life of Marsha,” “Diamonds Never Lie to Me,” “Dickinson Avenue,” “Fabulous Allan Carr,” “Forever Hold Your Piece,” “Gloria and Grace,” “Hear My Heart Burst Again,” “Hello Again,” “Hello Cupid: Farrah,” “Hooked,” “Kept Boy,” “Land Before Time,” “Let the Flight Begin,” “Men with the Midas Touch,” “Million Happy Nows,” “New 30,” “Nightfall,” “No, Mr. Bond, I Want You to Die!,” “Open Books,” “Painted Ocean,” “Pushing Dead,” “Queer Heroes,” “Russian Doll,” “Sensitivity Training,” “Signature Move,” “Something Like Summer,” “Still of the Night,” “Switching Channels,” “Until I Looked at You,” “Very Sordid Wedding,” “Wild Abandoned Side of Me,” “Whole Earth Opening Wide” and “World Is Not Enough.”

Visit the theatre’s website to get a full description of each film, as well as times and location of each.

Individual and 10-pass tickets are on sale and are available online.

A film festival family day with fun table activities for children will be held on Aug. 12, 9 a.m., including the showing of “Land Before Time” at 11 a.m. in Fletcher Hall. Free popcorn and soda will be provided to all who attend.

The theatre welcomes volunteers to assist with the festival. Become a Durham Wayfinder and then sign up for the festival.

info: carolinatheatre.org/films/festivals/ncglff.

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