President Obama admits it is challenging to stay in touch with the people. To feel connected, the president has resorted to reading ten of the 40,000 letters he receives every night. These letters help him to gain a perspective of the people’s view of the country’s progress and understand their plight.

While addressing an Ohio audience, Obama reminded his viewers of the difficult tasks he has taken on since coming into office. He had to stabilize the economic collapse caused by our banking system. He had to save two automobile corporations from liquidation and bankruptcy and passed the Recovery Act, which cut taxes for 95 percent of working families and small businesses.

Obama stated he did not run for the presidency to run away from challenges. His goal is to face issues head on and resolve them, especially concerning healthcare reform. Seven presidents and seven Congresses have tried and failed. Yet, he feels healthcare reform must be addressed and resolved for the sake of all U.S. citizens. The fight he has taken on is not about him or his poll numbers, but it is about meeting the needs of the people by resolving the problems we face daily.

He states, “I will take my lumps, but I will not stop fighting to bring back jobs, to make sure there is accountability in our financial system…for policies that would restore home values…to give our kids the best education possible…and for meaningful health care reform.


Deaidre Newby

Deaidre Newby is a former editorial intern for QNotes.