What you need to know: Primary Election, May 8

LGBTQ groups release candidate endorsements

Primary elections for local, state and congressional races are just around the corner. Here’s what you need to know before heading into the voting booth. We’re focusing solely on the May 8 primary, so if you’re curious about early releases for the November election, be sure to visit Equality NC online at equalitync.org and MeckPAC at meckpac.org. Endorsements in the Triad will be released by the Replacements Ltd. PAC. You can learn more about their endorsements when released at replacementsltdpac.org.

Election Information

Primary Election: May 8
Early Voting: April 19 -May 5
Haven’t registered to vote or need to update your registration? You can do so during the early vote period. Check your local county board of elections website for more information on early voting days, times and locations. In Mecklenburg County, visit mecknc.gov/BOE. In Wake County, visit wakegov.com/ELECTIONS.

Equality NC Endorsements

U.S. House
District 2: Wendy Ella May
District 4: David Price
District 5: DD Adams
District 6: Ryan Watts
District 7: Kyle Horton
District 8: Marc Tiegel
District 11: Steve Woodsmall
District 12: Alma Adams
District 13: Kathy Manning

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N.C. House
District 2: Darryl Moss
District 8: Kandie Smith
District 11: Allison Dahle
District 20: Leslie Cohen
District 35: Terence Everitt
District 43: Prince Christian
District 64: Cathy Von Hassel-Davies
District 65: Wally White
District 83: Senah Andrews
District 98: Christy Clark
District 101: Carolyn Logan
District 105: Wesley Harris

N.C. Senate
District 2: Ginger Garner
District 16: Wiley Nickel
District 19: Kirk DeViere
District 34: Beniah McMiller
District 38: Mujtaba Mohammed
District 39 Republican: Beth Monaghan
District 39 Democratic: Chad Stachowicz
District 47: David Wheeler

Mecklenburg County District Attorney
Spencer Merriweather

Mecklenburg County Commissioners
At-Large: Pat Cotham
At Large: Trevor Fuller
At Large: Jamie Hildreth
At Large: Ray McKinnon
District 3: George Dunlap
District 4: Mark Jerrell

New Hanover County Commissioners
District 2: Julia Olson-Boseman

Orange County Clerk of Superior Court
Mark Kleinschmidt

Wake County Commissioners
District 1: Sig Hutchinson
District 2: Matt Calabria
District 4: Susan Evans
District 7: John Burns

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MeckPAC Endorsements

N.C. House
District 88: Warning: Ty Turner
District 98: Christy Clark
District 101: Carolyn Logan
District 102: Becky Carney
District 105: Wesley Harris
District 38: Mujtaba Mohammed (Warning: Joel Ford)

N.C. Senate
District 39 Republican: Beth Monaghan (Warning: Dan Bishop)
District 39 Democratic: Chad Stachowicz

Mecklenburg County District Attorney
Spencer Merriweather

Mecklenburg County Sheriff
Garry McFadden (Warning: Irwin Carmichael)

Mecklenburg County Commissioners
At-Large: Trevor Fuller
At-Large: Jamie Hildreth
At-Large: Ray McKinnon
District 3 – George Dunlap
District 4 – Mark Jerrell

MeckPAC gives “warnings” for candidates it believes voters should specifically avoid, due to their past records on LGBTQ issues.

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