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Org supports control measure updates

RALEIGH, N.C. — On June 4, the North Carolina AIDS Action Network (NCAAN) delivered a presentation on the recent modernization of North Carolina’s HIV criminal law during the opening plenary at the HIV is NOT a Crime III National Training Academy in Indianapolis, Ind.

The event, hosted by the Sero Project and Positive Women’s Network-USA, is the third national academy educating and training people living with HIV, stakeholders and policy leaders to mobilize state-level advocacy to end HIV-related criminalization.

“The Sero Project and Positive Women’s Network-USA were so proud to celebrate the success that people living with HIV in North Carolina, the North Carolina AIDS Action Network and allies achieved in working to modernize the state’s HIV control measures,” said Tami Haught, the organizing and training coordinator at the Sero Project. “The education, advocacy and hard work that went into achieving this step will help protect people living with HIV in North Carolina from prosecutions.”

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“It was an immense honor to present at this significant national convening on our work in North Carolina”, said NCAAN Executive Director Lee Storrow. “With the changes made to North Carolina’s law at the start of 2018, we now have the most progressive HIV criminal law in the South and one of the most forward thinking in the country.”

NCAAN supports the recent updates made by the North Carolina Commission for Public Health to modernize North Carolina’s HIV Control Measures to reflect the important scientific advancements that have been made in NCAAN’s understanding of HIV transmission, prevention and treatment. Substantial changes have not been made to the state’s HIV control measures since its initial enactment in 1988, which occurred during the rise of the HIV epidemic. The driving force behind the recent rule updates comes following numerous breakthrough studies, including from the Centers for Disease Control, that recognizes that individuals living with HIV, who are engaged in HIV medical care, adherent to their clinician’s treatment plan and have been virally suppressed for at least six months cannot transmit HIV sexually.

The recent updates made to the state’s HIV control measures comprise of three significant changes: those living with HIV are no longer legally required to disclose their status to sexual partners if they are in medical care, adherent to their clinician’s HIV treatment plan and have been virally suppressed for at least six months; condom usage is not legally required if the person living with HIV has been virally suppressed for at least six months, if their partner is also HIV positive or if the negative partner is on PrEP; and individuals living with HIV are allowed to donate organs for research purposes and transplantation between people living with HIV. The N.C. Commissioner for Public Health voted to modernize the state’s HIV criminal law on Nov. 8, 2017, and the new law went into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.


Trans network retreat slated

MONTREAT, N.C. — The Trans Faith and Action Network Retreat will be held from Aug. 16-19 in Montreat, N.C.

The network retreat is a project of The Freedom Center for Social Justice. It provides a “safe and intimate space for trans, non-binary,and gender non-conforming individuals to have dialogue around the most pressing issues and challenges they face today,” the network shared. It also is an opportunity to “decompress, be heard, engage and collaborate with great and like-minded community.”

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Sam Poler, the center’s programming coordinator, said, “The Transgender Faith and Action Network Retreat is truly a time for relaxation, healing and invigoration. Last year was my first time attending, and I’d never shared space with so many affirming people that embraced me for both my gender and faith identity. This year I’m so thankful to be working with an amazing team to plan another great retreat. I’m really looking forward to it, we have some exciting plans in the works.”

Cisgender individuals who are attending with their family and friends are welcome. However, courtesy and sensitivity is requested to maintain the sacred space for transgender and gender non-conforming attendees.

The registration cost is $150 that includes meals and shared accommodations (with a roommate). Private accommodations are available for an additional $50, but are very limited and requests may not be granted if capacity is reached. Registration scholarships are available. For those who are local or not able to join the retreat for the entire weekend, day passes are available at $25 on Friday and Saturday and $15 for Thursday evening and Sunday morning programming, or $75 for the entire retreat. An invoice will be emailed once registration has been satisfactorily completed. Registration deadline is July 12. Email for more details.


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