Grindr,, Manhunt, Adam4Adam, WooHim — are killing communication.

I love technology and gadgets as much as anyone. I love the internet…I’m using it right now. I love email. I want an iPad so badly I’ve listed my kidney on Craigslist. Most of all, I love talking to someone face-to-face.

There is something about walking up to someone and saying, “hello.” You just don’t get the same connection when you say “sup” to someone online.

I was out for coffee with a few friends last night. When I got there all three of them had their iPhones/Blackberries three inches from their faces. I don’t get it. I left my phone in the car because I was coming to talk to them. I wanted to have a conversation across from each other — that’s why I didn’t send a message on Facebook.

The conversation involved a lot of me looking at guys running up and down East Blvd. (thank you once again guys for your aversions to shirts–duly noted and appreciated) followed by a lot of, “what did you say, huh,” or incomplete sentences from my party.

It dawned on me. I had invited three laptops out to coffee. A guy was sitting less than eight feet away on Grindr, and my gaggle of friends saw him. Did anyone get up to talk to him? Did he walk over? No. No one made a move.

My roommate is 20 years old. He has the best group of friends. They talk everyday, and they keep in constant contact; unfortunately they are all Facebook friends.

I need human contact. The movement of the eyes, the inflection of the voice, the intonation of the words all make up human interaction and add so many rich layers to communication. You don’t get that from words typed on a screen.

This is the face that sent a thousand ships to war.
This is the face that sent a thousand ships to war.

Both are the same words, but with a different tone and they mean different things.

I saw a father and son at a restaurant. The dad was on his Blackberry…typing away for a long time. His kid just sat there. Nothing to do. No one to talk to. It’s sad.

It’s rude.

Technology is great. The internet on my phone!?! It changed my life! I can put it down though. You can too. Your Farmville Farm will be okay. No one needs to know your status. You’ve got a friend sitting across from you. Talk now. Text later.

Nathan James

Nathan James is a former editorial intern for QNotes.